Lying to your parents

8 CRAZY Thoughts We All Have If We’re Lying To Our Parents!


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Lying to your parents is a big no no for some of us. For others it's just something a girl’s gotta do when the wrong but a I-just-have-to-do-it-but-I'll-never-be-allowed thing comes along!

For example:

1. Clubbing

What you say: “Hey, can I please go out to this dinner party? It's mam's last day teaching at college and she just wants to take us out?!”

What you're thinking: OMG! What if they go clubbing too? Are we going to be at the same club?

Lying to your parents

2. That trip

What you say: “Ma, Pa - it's my final year of school. Everyone's going to Goa, it's an all girls trip - please can I go?”

What you're thinking: Why did I say Goa? I should have lied and said Pondi - what if they follow me to Goa and see that there are boys too!!!

3. Those date nights

What you say: “Daddy, Aisha's having everyone over tonight to watch a movie - can I go?”

What you're thinking: Eeee!! I have a date! I have a date, I have a date! They'll kill him if they find out but eee I have a date!!

Lying to your parents

4. The sleepover with THE boy!!

What you say: “Ma, it's Shivani's birthday. She's finally being allowed to have a sleepover party, PLEASE just let me go, na? I'll be the only one who won't be there otherwise!”

What you're thinking: If she calls Shivani's parents I am literally going to pray for the world to swallow me up whole! Must hide her mobile.

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5. That vase you broke

What you say: “Mum, have you seen this? It's that vase you got a while back...when did it break?”

What you're thinking: If Sahil bhaiya (the driver) even looks towards me or mama once and dares whisper that I was the one who broke it last week - I'm just going to start crying and pretend to faint.

Lying to your parents

6. Dad said it was okay

What you say: “Mamaaa - I'm telling you, I already asked dad and he said so long as I ask you it's okay!!”

What you're thinking: Don't call dad, don't call dad, don't call dad.

7. The sick day

What you say: “I'm just not feeling well. Please don't make me go, have SOME sympathy.”

What you're thinking: If she stays home to take care of me that's my whole day of netflix gone.

Lying to your parents

8. I'm fine, mum... Promise

What you say: “I'm fine mum...promise.”

What you're thinking: I hope she doesn't realise I'm broken inside and really just need a cuddle!!

(Sometimes it's just better to tell the truth to your parents, guys!)

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Published on Apr 01, 2016
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