13 Things About Wedding Shopping Only A Bride-To-Be Will Get

13 Things About Wedding Shopping Only A Bride-To-Be Will Get
From the moment you get engaged, everything becomes all about finding the perfect lehenga and shoes and jewellery to match. Well that’s no easy feat and suddenly your life is one big hunt for the right ensemble that can go on for weeks and even months. Oh and let’s not even get started on the trousseau. Here are a few things about wedding shopping only a bride-to-be will get.

1. You Realise That This Is A LOT Of Shopping, Even For A Shopaholic

Never have you had multiple shopping trips in 1 week like this before and never have your parents encouraged you so much!

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2. Your Entourage Goes With You Everywhere

Your mom, sisters, maasi, maami, chaachi, bestie and sometimes even your mom-in-law – they come with you wherever you go!

3. You Can’t Help But Feel Super Special

“Yes, I’m the bride,” you say to every shop assistant!

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4. Why Is Everything SO Expensive?!

How are you supposed to stick to a budget?!

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5. You Also Feel A Little Guilty

You want that designer lehenga so bad but also feel guilty for trying to make your parents spend so much money. You’re filled with conflicting emotions every time you buy something!

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6. Your Instagram Feed Is A Virtual Wedding Show

You’re following every, and I mean every, wedding designer possible. Did you see that powder blue lehenga Sabyasachi posted? If only you could afford it!

7. You Never Thought Trying On Clothes Could Be Exhausting

And sucking in your tummy every time you look in the mirror when you try on a lehenga or saree doesn’t help!

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8. Shopping Really Is Cardio!

All these endless trips to the market and malls better help you get fit for the wedding.

9. And You Have To Shop With Him As Well

What if you don’t like the sherwani he picks?!

wedding shopping 9

10.  You Eat, Sleep and Talk Shopping

OMG! You’ve turned into a bridezilla! You don’t blame your friends for being sick of you.

11. Can You Start Using Your Trousseau Already?

You can’t wait to wear all the fabulous things you’ve bought!

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12. Just Doesn’t End!

You’ve tried on 200 outfits (that weigh about 15 kilos each!) but what if you choose one and then come across something you like better later? How are you ever supposed to make up your mind?!

13. But When You Finally Find The One…

Your mom tears up when she sees you in your bridal finery and you can’t wait for your wedding, just ’cause you look so fabulous in your outfit, jewellery and heels. How you’re going to walk with all that weight is beyond you but at least you’re going to look fantastic! Wait till everyone sees you!

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