8 Awesome Pocket Friendly Ideas For Your Friend’s Bachelorette

8 Awesome Pocket Friendly Ideas For Your Friend’s Bachelorette
You can’t keep calm ’cause your BFF’s getting hitched and you’re super excited and happy for her! A crazy bachelorette party is totally called for but you realise that your friends and you are now light in the pocket for a vacation - you shopped too much (your clothes and makeup are just as important as your bestie’s...duh!). Chill, girl! Here are awesome ideas for the bachelorette party for your soul sister without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s how:

1. Because we are no less than Victoria’s Secret Angels

Well our bodies might not exactly be like theirs (or far from it), but we never stop imagining ourselves in those sexy swimsuits and bikinis. Raid your local market for halter-neck bikini tops and sexy bras for as low as Rs 150 - pick the most outrageous stuff! Enjoy your own private VS Angel’s show in your friends’ company and the comfort of the bride’s bedroom. Pass around some cosmopolitans and it’ll be a night full of giggles and mayhem, we promise!

ideas for the bachelorette party

2. DJ Wale Babu

Dance your ass off with your besties because there ain’t no party without music. Plan a private DJ party on a friend’s rooftop. A regular party DJ with a decent playlist will not cost you a bomb, you can split the costs with your girlfriends, and the best part...All you girls and the bride-to-be can dance to the most sleazy Bollywood masala songs, without being judged :D Go crazy!

3. Nailing It...Literally!

Nothing’s more perfect than a nail artist doing your nails while the girls and you sip on champagne and crack sick jokes. Hire a nail artist - bargain for a lump sum amount rather than per head - and pamper the bride and yourselves with super pretty nails.


And we all know what that means: bring your own booze and get crazy drunk because soon your BFF is gonna get married and it’s never gonna be the same, no matter how hard you try. Add some fun with quirky shot glasses available at Happily Unmarried. Live, laugh, cry, dance and party because it’s now or never.

ideas for the bachelorette party

5. Customised Fun Stuff

Try printed tees with the bride’s picture and funny taglines, hand placards with cute, sweet or nasty quotes (because true friendships thrive on leg pulling :D). And, of course, your pictures and selfies would turn out way cooler with a few props. To Good Times! Check out Absolutely Yushi for some of this uber cool and affordable customised options!


6. The Not So Shy Stuff

Although we have graduated from teenage to adulthood (God only knows how), sex talk with your girls is just as curious, weird, funny but, at the same time, enlightening as it was before. Train your bride for her first sexy night with the basics of ‘doing it right’, sexy moves, the not-so-sexy moves and, of course, good old porn.   

7. Everything Chocolate

Indulge the gang with decadent chocolate cakes, mousse, brownies, waffles and fudges because as sinful as it is, the feeling of yummy chocolate melting in your mouth is pretty close to orgasmic… yummmmmmmmmmmm….

ideas for the bachelorette party

8. Get Yourself A Bag Of Goodies!

Who said you’ve to go and spend a bomb on expensive presents? Try getting all the girls and your bride-to-be bestie a customised kit with some sweet little things in it. A nail paint, a lipstick, maybe add a miniature bottle of spirits too. It’s personalised and something that all of you can use long after the wedding is over! What a sweet memory!

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