7 Ways To Start the Conversation At The Rishta Meeting!

7 Ways To Start the Conversation At The Rishta Meeting!
In an arranged marriage set-up, it can get a bit awkward to have a conversation with a stranger who may just become your future husband. Too much pressure, we get it. And so, we’ve got some conversation starters for your rishta meeting, to break the ice and get to know him better before you make that life-changing decision:

1. “I like the colour of your tie…”

Of course, you’re both carefully dressed for the meeting, so starting with complimenting him on the choice of his outfit, shoes or any other piece of accessory is a good idea. It also sets the vibe right for all that is to follow. Plus, how people take compliments says a lot about them.

conversation starters for your rishta meeting

2. “I am actually quite nervous...”

If you are feeling that way, there is no harm in openly accepting it, ’cause chances are he may be feeling the same. Saying it out loud will instantly make you both feel a lot more relaxed and maybe even laugh a bit and that always clears out any hesitations, right?

3. “So you are two siblings…and your sister is a student and you are working?”

Start by asking about his family members, especially his siblings so that it doesn’t feel like you are interrogating him but are just interested in knowing about them. Then you can go on to ask where they are studying and move to him - where he studied, what he did - and know him better.

conversation starters for your rishta meeting

4. “Have you seen the trailer for Raees?”

After a while, you can talk about some recent event, like a movie or even a news piece. You don’t have to particularly pick sensitive or hard-hitting topics. Go for something light. It’ll also give you an idea how aware he is and what interests him as well.


5. “Dad mentioned that you recently went on a trekking trip to Ladakh…”

Mention a recent trip he made or some hobby that he is involved with. It will get him to talk about what he loves and will also give you a chance to tell him about your hobbies - and that should give you a fair clue of your possible compatibility.

conversation starters for your rishta meeting

6. “This is a good place. Do you come here often?”

Comment on your surroundings, whether it’s his home or a restaurant that your parents have chosen. He might just have some stories to share. Try building a conversation from one topic to another instead of making it feel like an interrogation.

7. “What is it that you’re looking for in a partner?”

This shouldn’t be your first question but it should be one of your questions. It will give you a fair idea of what he’s looking for and whether it matches your own expectations. This question will also then lead to a series of other personal questions that you need to ask about someone before deciding to get married to them.

conversation starters for your rishta meeting

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