Confessions Of A Girl Who Loves Sex

Confessions Of A Girl Who Loves Sex
You’d think I am a bold woman who is breaking stereotypes by at least openly attesting to the fact that I love having sex. Allow me to disappoint you right at the start then. I am just as shy and nervous as you are and won’t even discuss my sex life with my friends.

You see, I went to an all girls’ school, and had zero contact with boys for the first seventeen years of my life. But, I was always curious. And so when college happened, I practically jumped into a relationship with the first guy I became friends with - only because I was dying to experience the romances I had hitherto read about only in books. And that relationship did survive for a good two years too - not so much because I was in love with him, but because apart from the other perks of being in a relationship, I was well, discovering and learning and simply having too much fun in his bedroom.

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But of course, a relationship can’t survive on just some intimate moments, and so it came to an end. I was quite sad, like all of us are when our first love doesn’t turn into our last one. And on one of those lonely nights, I had a one night stand with a friend. Here’s the funny thing I learnt that day, being physical with a random person might kinda empower you in the moment, making you feel like you own your body and can do whatever you want with it - but the morning after, you find yourself thinking. I am not saying casual sex will make you feel a sense of regret after - but what I am saying is that probably because we are a part of a society that still shuns sexual activities before marriage, we find ourselves fighting with what we feel is right in our heart and what our head tells us is right.

Anyway, I am not confessing about my moral struggles in life here.

Internal - loves sex

So, a year later I found myself in love again. And this time, it was more than just physical. Which made the physical part of it, even better. I remember the last semester of my masters - we hardly even reached classes. We were busy experimenting with positions and patterns and just could not get enough of each other. Even two days apart were agony, like physical agony. I am not even making this up. I just enjoyed having having sex so much - and no, I don’t just mean the act, but the entire build up to it. And our build ups could go anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

So, college was coming to a close and we didn’t know what the world outside would do to our relationship. So we tried to stay together as much as possible. It was the day of our convocation, and girls were supposed to wear sarees.

I remember that day I got up early, got ready and took an auto to his flat to pick him up. He asked me to come in and help him choose his blazer - and even though we had no plan or time to do ‘it’, watching him in that white shirt and well, being in a saree myself, we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

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We reached half an hour late and missed both our names being called out on stage. FYI, convocations start right on time. So, we didn’t just walk in late and live through the embarrassing stares that people passed us, but we also heard “Two students have just walked in. Please welcome on stage Alia and Prateek, who scored...” I hardly heard what nice words they had to say about me - but while walking up stage, I kinda swore on my degree to time my, er, indulgence better next time!

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