5 AMAZING Bra Hacks That Will Make Every Girl's Life Easier!

5 AMAZING Bra Hacks That Will Make Every Girl's Life Easier!
Let’s be honest. We might love lingerie shopping more than anything else in the world, but bras can be a total pain in the butt on occasion. Finding the right bra is hard enough, but then making it behave exactly as it should all the time is even more difficult! But what can we do? We can’t live without them either! So here are a few brilliant bra hacks to lessen the pain of dealing with them all the time - and they’re going to be especially useful for those times when we reach into the lingerie drawer and realize we don’t have exactly what we need that very moment!

1. Turning Your Regular Bra Into A Racerback With Just Clips!

Showing your bra straps when you’re wearing a racerback is quite common, and no one really cares. But of course, there are those fancy dresses with racer backs too, and our funky coloured bra straps don’t look so good then! Well, all you need is a paperclip to convert your everyday bra into a racerback one. Just unfold the clip and use it to hold the straps together at the back!
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2. How To Make Extenders To Get A Few More Days Of Use

We have our favourite bras, but eventually we do grow out of them, or they shrink because we’ve accidentally machine-washed it or washed it in hot water. What can you do to get a few more wears out of it? Use a bra extender! You can easily make it out of one of your old bras that you just would never wear again. You just need to cut out a bit of old the bra from the hook and eye and sew them together at the raw edges. Use this to extend your current bra and voila! You’ve bought your bra some more life!
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3. The DIY Low Back Bra

Those amazing tops with deep-backs make you look really sexy! But only if your bra isn’t showing through, of course. There is a really easy fix for that! All you need is some elastic, a bra hook and eye and really basic sewing skills! It’s like making an extender, but a really long one with elastic so it can go around your torso, under your bra. This will move your strap a couple of inches down and it won’t be visible as easily. The difference it makes is totally worth the effort!


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4. The Pokey Underwire Fix

Underwires can sometimes be the bane of our existence. Sure, they give you the support you need - but as soon as they escape from their little hiding place all they do is poke and prod you. Literally! Well, here’s a super simple way to fix them. All all you really need is some glue and ribbon. Just a quick stitch to cover the hole with the ribbon can help you save your bra, girls! It’ll keep the wire from poking out again. Make sure your ribbon is made out of thick fabric, though, and is not the plastic kind. Don’t be lazy, and get fixing!
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5. Taking Out The Underwire

There isn’t just one problem when it comes to underwires! They often just snap or get bent out of shape because of the position in which they were washed or dried. And it’s really upsetting to throw out a bra just because of this. You can just take both the wires out in this case and use it like an unwired bra. Take a pair of sharp scissors and poke a hole at the end of the section holding the wire from the inside of the bra. Just pull the wire through, and you’re done!
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