9 Books *Every* Girl Should Read Before She Gets Married!

9 Books *Every* Girl Should Read Before She Gets Married!
Are you a bookworm who measures life with the turn of a page? Do you believe that there is a book for every occasion? In that case, if you are engaged, DO NOT stroll into the mandap without having read the following books that explores the different shades of two souls coming together. Explore the many colours of love, sex and marriage through these 9 books to read before you get married.

1. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Or any other Jane Austen book, really, but Pride and Prejudice, most certainly. Thanks to Jane Austen we now know that the 18th century English countryside families were exactly like Indian families now, and all everyone ever thought about was marriage, marriage and marriage!

Price: Rs 325. Buy it here.

2. 2 States, Chetan Bhagat

The story of the tumultuous journey of two families from different parts of India trying to come together for marriage is a reality that many couples can relate to. Also, it is based on Chetan Bhagat’s own love story!

Price: Rs 158. Buy it here.

3. The Kamasutra

You know why. Apart from being a somewhat strange (and immensely outdated) lifestyle/social manual it is a guide on how to make sex a lot of fun. Happy experimentation!

Price: Rs 1,300. Buy it here.  

Books to read before you get married

4. The Art of Intimacy, Thomas Patrick Malone and Patrick Thomas Malone

Written by a father-son therapist duo, this book talks about what we need to do to create intimacy in relationships. A beautiful and worthy read.

Price: Rs 3,085. Buy it here.

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5. Only Love is Real, Dr Brian Weiss

For every skeptic out there, there are ten others who believe in soul mates. Only Love is Real deals with the shared past lives of two individuals discovered accidentally by Dr Weiss through past life regression. Do they finally meet? Read the book to know what happens to them. A true story by the way, and a fun read.

Rs 322. Buy it here.

Books to read before you get married

6. Anatomy of Love, Helen Fisher

A natural history of mating and marriage, this book explores why we marry or why we cheat from a biological and evolutionary point of view. Also, it makes the wise observation that the first infatuation of love is merely a chemical reaction. It is, in fact, what follows that is the real thing. A good, explanatory manual to have around.          

Price: Rs 1,372. Buy it here.

7. A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth

A mammoth work of extraordinary brilliance, Vikram Seth brings alive several realities in post-independence India and the search of a suitable groom is only one such aspect. A beautiful read that brings us closer to how marriages were conducted during our parents’ times.

Price: Rs 746. Buy it here.

Books to read before you get married

8. The English Teacher, R K Narayan

Dedicated to the author’s wife, the book is a semi-autobiographical story of love and death. Penned by one of India’s most loved authors, The English Teacher is a beautiful ode to marriage and hope. Keep the tissues at hand.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

9. The Em and The Big Hoom, Jerry Pinto

This is the story of Imelda and Augustine, the narrator’s parents, whom he calls Em and Big Hoom, respectively. A beautiful novel exploring mental illness, undying love and a difficult, yet fascinating marriage, this novel will surely touch the deepest chords of affection in your heart. Besides reminding you that love, itself, is always a little crazy.  

Price: Rs 265. Buy it here.

Books to read before you get married

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