7 Indian Brands That Fulfil ALL Your Hair, Skin & Makeup Needs!

7 Indian Brands That Fulfil ALL Your Hair, Skin & Makeup Needs!
There is so much hype about international beauty brands! And while you may love your MAC lipsticks and your Lancome creams, our Indian beauty brands can give them some solid competition. We have plenty of brands that are totally Indian and are equally effective AND come for less than half the price. Here are some of the best Indian beauty brands that will fulfill ALL your skin, hair, and makeup needs.

1. Kama Ayurveda

best Indian beauty brands

Everything offered by this brand is made from natural extracts and organic ingredients, which means that your skin is in safe hands. From hair cleansers and acne-fighting products to skin brighteners and body washes – this brand is a one-stop shop for pampering yourself silly!

POPxo Loves: Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Mist (Rs. 250)

2. Lakmé

best Indian beauty brands

Refreshing cleansers, glow-enhancing creams and of course, fabulous makeup products is why Lakmé  is such a popular brand amongst all of us! We’re in love with their face washes and striking range of lippies and eyeshadows, which make us feel extra glam.

POPxo Loves: Lakme Absolute Drama Stylist Eye Shadow Crayons (Rs. 750)

3. Himalaya Herbals

best Indian beauty brands

In addition to making the most fabulous kajal and hydrating lip balms, this brand is a blessing for those with acne-prone skin, thanks to their skincare line featuring neem. Other than skin care, they also have a superb line-up of shampoos and body products that are made from beneficial herbs.

POPxo Loves: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash (Rs. 100)

4. Forest Essentials

best Indian beauty brandsForest Essentials is one of my personal favourites! Their products smell great and are the nicest gifts to give and receive. From awesome lip scrubs to relaxing oils and hair vitalizing products – they have it all for your body, skin, and hair. If you’ve never tried their products, you definitely must start!

POPxo Loves: Body Polisher Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose (Rs. 2, 475)

5. Colorbar

best Indian beauty brands

Any girl would agree that Colorbar’s variety of shades is absolutely fantastic - doesn’t matter whether they’re lipsticks, nail paints or eye shadows. Did you know they also have a skincare range that includes awesome products like hydrating serums and eye creams?

POPxo Loves: Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lipstick (Rs. 900)

6. Biotique Botanicals

best Indian beauty brands

This is another brand well-known for its herbal and ayurvedic products that range from skin to hair to even baby care. And they are super affordable. In fact, even dermatologists recommend their products.

POPxo Loves: Bio Papaya Tan Removing Scrub (Rs. 199)

7. ColorEssence

best Indian beauty brands

ColorEssence is another awesome all-Indian cosmetics brand. Their products are so affordable and are of such great quality that you wouldn’t want to look at any western brands. Their moisturizing foundation, eyeliners, and lipsticks are amazing for daily wear.

POPxo Loves: Coloressence Pearl Liquid Eyeliner (Rs. 125)
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