Go Hair-Free At Home: Hair Removal Products That Actually Work!

Go Hair-Free At Home: Hair Removal Products That Actually Work!

Ladies, we spend a good amount of our precious lives on getting rid of unwanted hair on our body and face. Waxing and shaving are annoying processes that every girl must endure often to rock sleeveless tops and cute dresses. So we scoured around and found some awesome hair removal products that actually work! These will help reduce unwanted hair growth and also make those dreaded hair removal processes much easier. Now, you can stay hair-free for much longer!

1. Soften Her Hair Removal Pads

best at home hair removal productsWhether you prefer shaving over waxing your legs or only resort to your razor during an emergency, these exfoliating pads are awesome to have around. Forget about getting that horrid, prickly stubble when your hair grows back because these pads soften stubble. They remove dead skin, help prevent ingrown hair, and ensure that your hair grows back even softer. Price: Rs. 992.64. Buy it here.

2. Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor

best at home hair removal productsA lotion that moisturizes your skin and not only reduces but also slows down hair growth? Yes, please! This lotion really is the answer to all our prayers as it will make the hair growth thinner and sparser, which means fewer waxing sessions. Made from plant extracts, it’s safe to use on the skin, but make sure to do a patch test first. Just make sure to use it after a hair removal procedure and follow the directions that come with the pack for awesome results. Price: Rs. 1,100. Buy it here.

3. Inhibitif Hair-Free Body Serum

best at home hair removal products Don’t you just hate how your arms and legs start sprouting little strands of hair only a couple days after waxing? We all know it’s the worst! That’s why you should get your hands on this serum to reduce hair growth and appearance of hair and ingrowths. Apply it daily to rock those short skirts for longer. Price: Rs. 1,920. Buy it here.

4. Sugar Stripease Hair Removal Kit

best at home hair removal productsSugaring is an age-old hair removal technique that is all-natural. You basically mix sugar, water, and lemon juice, heat the mix before applying, and then peel it off. Or simply buy this pre-mixed concoction that you don’t have to heat over and over again. We’ve also shared a few awesome reasons why you should try sugaring instead of waxing here. Price: Rs. 1,523. Buy it here.

5. Remington Body And Bikini Grooming Kit

best at home hair removal productsThis awesome battery-operated, multi-tasking grooming device comes with 3 attachments – a trimmer to help trim the edges, a foil shaver to help get a super-close shave and an exfoliator brush for when you finish shaving. Use it in the shower for a painless, hair-free bikini line. Price: Rs. 1,655.5. Buy it here.

6. Veet Facial Hair Remover Cold Wax Strips

best at home hair removal productsHard wax is gentler than hot wax - making this great for areas like your upper lip or underarms. You won’t risk tearing your skin with hard wax as you pull it off. It’s good to have these handy at home when you don’t have the time to rush to the parlour. Just apply some baby powder on the skin first and then pull off the strip parallel to the skin instead of upwards. Use a soothing lotion or aloe vera gel when you’re done. Price: Rs. 1,908. Buy it here.

7. EOS Ultra-Moisturizing Shave Cream

best at home hair removal products EOS has amazing products (their lip balms are great!) and this shaving cream is no different. Ladies, please, please don’t shave without using shaving cream to help prevent cuts and simply for a better shave. This shaving cream smells great, moisturizes your skin for 24 hours post-shave and it’s so affordable. You can even use it on dry skin when want to shave in a hurry. Price: Rs. 229. Buy it here.

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