8 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Now A Bhabhi!

8 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Now A Bhabhi!
Getting married is not just about being a wife and a bahu. Marriage brings with it a whole new set of relations and us girls totally love being the bhabhi ji! Thanks to all those Bollywood family dramas that made us believe just how awesome being a bhabhi is! Here are 8 things you’ll totally get if you just got yourself the bhabhi tag!

1. Bhabhis are a favourite!

We are sure you agree with us that being a new bhabhi you’ve actually earned the status of the most-loved relative! Everyone loves their bhabhis...there is no reason not to!

being a new bhabhi

2. Having a devar is the just the coolest thing ever!

There’s something about the bhabhi-devar relationship…You are his new confidante and he’s like your new BFF in the family. He’ll always be there every time you need him for anything! High five to all the devars out there!

3. Inside khabar is just for you!

The one perk of being a new bhabhi is that all the little cousins fill you in with who’s dating whom, which bua ji is so not cool, family gossip and their personal issues. Because who better to share these info nuggets with?!!

being a new bhabhi

4. You’re suddenly the bhabhi ji to hubby's entire guy gang!

And they all turn to you to pick out gifts for their girlfriends and for advice on all those relationship problems! But in the end, it’s super fun to hang out with them!

5. Leg pulling is at an all time high!

And you secretly enjoy all the embarrassing comments your husband has to deal with. All cousins do that!

being a new bhabhi

6. It’s pampering at it’s best!

All the devars and nanads are totally fighting it out to be your favourite, kyunki bhabhis are the only ones who can get them out of all sorts of ‘situations’ - late nights, new bike - you get it, right!

7. You feel all grown up...

Because being a bhabhi comes with its share of ‘responsibilities’. You’ve totally got to keep track of all the birthdays, pick out the best rakhi gifts, give the most balanced piece of advice…and a lot more!

being a new bhabhi

8. ...And a little nervous

Because you don’t want all the brothers and sisters to feel that your hubby is no longer all theirs and that you’ve taken over. It’s that thin line that you’re always conscious of not stepping over, especially as a new member of the family.

All in all, being a new bhabhi is, no doubt, totally amazinggg!

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