#BeautyDiaries: I Tried The Iconic Kylie Jenner Lip Kit And...

#BeautyDiaries: I Tried The Iconic Kylie Jenner Lip Kit And...
2 am: Kylie Lip Kits Restocked

2.10am: SOLD OUT!!!


Everyone has been obsessing over the The Kylie Lip Kit!! And after months of trying, I finally got my hands on the famous Kylie Jenner’s cult Lip Kit on her website. I’d tried to purchase it at the launch, which was at 2 am India time, then at the first restock, at about the same time and also a few following restocks. But it literally gets sold out within 5 minutes of the restock. After 3 months of constant trying, I finally got my hands on three of the eight shades – Dolce K (a grey-taupe), 22 ( a rusty orange) and Mary Jo K (a Ferrari red).

Yes, I stayed up till 3 am to order these and it was pretty much worth the time and money.  Each lip kit was priced at about Rs 2100 and consisted of a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. And I can proudly say that it is quite a unique product and completely lives up to the hype! It is also quite different from other liquid mattes that I've tried. And it smells ah-mazing - like butterscotch toffee!  If you manage to get your hands on it, it’s pretty much the ONLY lipstick you’ll ever need in your kit.

Kylie Lipkit review

It comes in black and white packaging with a little note from Kylie and her genius (not!) Kylie tip! It basically says: Line lips with lip liner and fill lips in with liquid lip color.

Kylie Lipkit review

The lip liner: The lip kit’s liner glides on like butter using very little applied pressure. It gives you a perfectly lined lip and it couldn’t be easier to apply. And the best part? You can apply it without topping it off with the liquid lipstick and still look like a million bucks! It also stays on the entire day without re-application. The liner is actually better than any of the lipsticks I own.

You know every makeup pro uses a lip liner before applying a show-stopping lipstick - this lip kit ensures you do too, without the headache of hunting for a matching liner and lipstick.  

The liquid matte lipstick: The lipstick is extremely pigmented and your lip feels like a dream when you apply it. (It actually makes you feel like you could date Tyga too! :p) Although the liquid lipstick was slightly drying, it didn’t come off whether I ate, drank, kissed or did whatever. But I definitely made sure that I’d exfoliated and moisturized my lips before applying it. Removing the lipstick was actually a bigger problem (say what?!) I couldn’t just use water or a tissue to take it off as it was pretty sticky. So I resorted to using a makeup remover (which I usually never use) to take off the color.

BannerPink 500px

Talking about my favorite - The 22, which I was initially apprehensive about buying, since I have never applied a rustic orange lip shade before, has become my all-time favorite shade. It is a perfect summer color and also adds a glow to your face. I usually sport it while I’m going for a brunch or for shopping at malls. It is a super fun color which was missing from my kit!

Kylie Lipkit review

...And about the remaining two - I usually sport Dolce K to work since it’s the perfect nude color which any girl can own and is totally apt for office. It’s great for that polished effect.
I save the Mary Jo K for when I want to go crazy partying or for a fun night out  ‘cos it’s just the right color to lift your mood and make you feel like you could take on the world!

So you ask me whether it was worth all the effort as well as the money? Well, I will say this without hesitation — it was completely worth it! And without doubt, I would lose a few hours of sleep to buy the other shades as well. I would recommend it to all of you since, believe it or not, the liquid matte looks great on EVERY single skin tone (and more so on Indian skin!)

My friends too just can’t wait for the next restock on KylieCosmetics.com! ;)

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