#BeautyDiaries: How I Found The BEST Way To Make My Skin Glow!

#BeautyDiaries: How I Found The BEST Way To Make My Skin Glow!
Having struggled with acne for as long as I can remember (from my pre-teens to right up to my early 20s), it took me a while to figure out my way around the problem and actually achieve clear skin.

After getting treated at a reliable dermatologist’s, my skin wasn’t as red as it used to be before, but there was still something amiss. The marks had almost vanished, but my skin was lacking a natural glow. Within two hours of reaching work everyday, I would notice that my skin looked extremely dull and lifeless. I tried a lot of skin creams and even makeup, but nothing worked.

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One day, I was down with a really bad cold and was desperate to get better. I had a huge family event coming up, and I wasn’t going to let anything prevent me from having fun! So for once, I actually listened to my mother and did everything she asked me to - right from taking my medicines on time to drinking tea regularly and to steaming. She was always persistent about me steaming regularly, almost twice or thrice in a day whenever I was ill. I’d never understood the logic, honestly, but I was desperate to get better this time!

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A week later, I met a friend who pointed out that my skin was looking amazing - that the marks on my skin were looking way lighter and that I was glowing! What a compliment it was! And that’s when it hit me!...Those regular sessions with steam had actually made my skin SO much better! I went home and got down to researching the benefits of steam for clear skin - and there were a lot of positive experiences about it being discussed on the internet. Steaming is actually one of the best ways to open up your pores, and to let them breathe.

Ever since that day, I have made sure that I steam my face once every week. After washing it with a mild cleanser, I put a napkin over my head and bend my face over the steamer (you can buy one, or you can just make a simple one with boiling hot water in an open container). I stay in this position for about ten minutes, making sure that I don’t overheat my sensitive skin. I prefer doing this at night, so that once I’m done, I can go straight to bed. This way, I’m also not exposing my skin to the sun.

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It’s funny how this simple yet effective solution for my acne had been right before me for so long, but then it took an annoying cold and loads of pestering from my mom for me to figure it out! :P