10 Adorable Ways He Supports You In The First Year Of Marriage!

10 Adorable Ways He Supports You In The First Year Of Marriage!
The world will scare you and say all sorts of things when you tell them you are about to tie the knot. There will be talk about putting your single days behind you, about ‘adulting’, about responsibilities, etc. While there may be some truth to that, if you have a sweet, supportive husband who always has your back, you got nothing to worry about in your new marriage.

1. The way he ensures the cook has made something you like to eat as well.

He gets that it’s no more only about his mom’s and dad’s tastes. He wants to ensure you too have a hearty meal at the end of a long, hard day!

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2. The way he takes you to your favourite restaurant every other week.

He knows you are missing the comfort of your old life. He tries to fill the void by doing things that you have always loved to do. Frequenting your favourite place is a warm, fuzzy and happy occurrence for you and he knows that!

3. The way he plans your first birthday after becoming a Mrs.

He knows that life has been a roller coaster ride for you in the last few months and he wants to make sure you begin your new year on a happy high. He makes a special plan for you that involves both sets of parents, siblings, cousins and friends.

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4. The way he senses that you both need a mini vacay.

The first few months after the wedding are hard. It’s a new routine for both of you and getting back to work seems even tougher. He senses that you both just need a little break to refresh yourselves and plans a lovely weekend getaway. Husband goals, this guy is!

5. The way he manages to get out of a boring family function.

Being newly married means Way Too Many family occasions. Sometimes, it can all get too much. He uses his discretion when you guys are invited to a boring function and manages to get out of it. Oh, and he also might have made exciting alternate plans!

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6. The way he leaves the room when your mom has called to talk to you.

He knows you just need to talk to your mom – no interruptions. He senses this and gives you your space!

7. He makes ‘guy plans’ when you feel like going and meeting your girls!

Our girls are such an integral part of our lives. They are our support systems. He doesn’t turn up his nose at your plans with your besties. Instead, he promptly makes alternate plans of his own. This way, you can go out guilt-free and let your hair down while he chills with his boys!

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8. The way he acts as your unofficial driver.

You are living in a new place! You may or may not be able to find your way around. He knows it can be a little overwhelming and happily obliges when you need to be picked or dropped somewhere.

9. The way he handles you during your period.

You may have dated for years before getting married. But the full impact of living together has only just begun. This means he now gets to see you through your PMS, through your temper tantrums, through your I-need-chocolate-at-2-am phase. He has learnt to tiptoe around you and not aggravate you further. And he did go and buy you chocolate, didn’t he?

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10. The way he truly acts like your better half.

There are times when you are irrationally upset, or flustered, or missing the comfort of your old life. He knows just how to cheer you up and make you feel better. There are other times when you need to make hard career calls and he’s your own personal cheerleader asking you to follow your dreams. He doesn’t shy away from reminding you that he’s got your back.

And just like that you remember all the naysayers - and smile to yourself - because marriage is so much more than the negative things they warned you about. It’s about finding a suitable life partner who loves you and supports you all the way.

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