adorable moments in a relationship

17 Adorable Relationship Moments EVERY Girl Wants To Relive!


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Relationships are built over many moments and memories. Some make you speechless, some take your breath away and others are those you wish you could relive over and over again... How about these moments? Do you remember them?

1. The first time you saw him...

adorable moments in a relationship

2. The first time you actually met (and said that stammering hello)!

3. The first time you realised he liked you… #Butterflies

adorable moments in a relationship

4. Your first date...

5. That eventually led to that first kiss!

6. Your first landmark anniversary… Hello 3 months of togetherness!

adorable moments in a relationship

7. The first time you introduced him to your friends

8. That time you two kissed in the rain

9. That one time he knew what you were thinking before you said it.  #Telepathy

adorable moments in a relationship

10. The evening you two laughed so hard it genuinely felt like soda was going to come out of your nose!

11. That time he got you flowers, just because...

12. That amazing moment when he looked at you and just said "you make me so happy"adorable moments in a relationship

13. That Saturday night you two were meant to go out but ended up having so much more fun at home instead!

14. That time you two FaceTimed because he was away on vacation for a month.

15. That farm wedding party where he proved that gentlemen do still exist and put his coat over you without even thinking about it.

adorable moments in a relationship

16. That time when you named your imaginary children...

17. That moment when you realised that you two may still have a lifetime of memories to make together 'cos neither of you are planning to part ways ever! #MeantToBe

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Published on May 01, 2016
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