Mind-boggling penis facts every girl needs to know!

Mind-boggling penis facts every girl needs to know!
They say that us guys are obsessed with our equipment. And that’s often true. But there are certain things that you ladies too should know about it.Because, you know, knowledge is power…?! ;-) 

1. It is not a joystick.

Yes, we know all the jokes and puns about “hard-ons”, but it is, after all, made of tissue and muscle - it actually hurts if it’s handled with too much force or yanked around. Or, erm, bitten. Please consider our feelings! 

2. Neither is it cotton candy.

 And it’s not all that fragile either. Feel free to use some pressure. Just check with your guy if it’s comfortable for him! ;-) 

3. “Morning wood” is a thing.

MOST guys wake up with an erection (and pretty often). And not because they’ve been having sex dreams. It’s just what our bodies do during our REM sleep cyclepenis facts 3

4. The underside of the head is the most sensitive spot.

For most guys, at least. That’s where the maximum concentration of nerves is found. So it’s super sensitive to touching, flicking, etc. That’s the area you should be focusing on - in case you’ve ever wondered. :P 

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5. But it’s not just the penis that is important.

Yeah, our testicles are sensitive too, and receptive to stimulation. And so is the area just behind them.

6. It has, er, direction.

Some list to the left, some list to the right. Some curve upwards, some curve downwards, some are as straight as an arrow. Physiology governs this, not us! 

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7. And they all look different.

So don’t be surprised if a real one looks very different from one you’ve seen in print or on screen - or even another real one you’ve seen. And even for the same guy, an unaroused penis and an aroused one also look quite different. :P

8. Size is a delicate topic.

Plenty of us worry about if we’re “big” enough. It’s only with age and experience that we stop caring about it. 

9. An erection can actually leave us making very little sense.

When we’re aroused, blood literally flows downwards to our groin - from other parts of the body, including our brain. We’re NOT at our wittiest best when we’re turned on. penis facts 9

10. It doesn’t always perform on demand. :P

Yes, some of us get aroused pretty darn quickly, and some of us take time. And even the ones who belong to the former category can need more time and effort on occasion because stress or tiredness or other stuff has us feeling less than 100%. And a climax can leave us exhausted too, and we need time to recover! 

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