7 Common Sex Fantasies - And What They Say About You!

7 Common Sex Fantasies - And What They Say About You!
All of us have a few sex fantasies, even though we may feel a bit embarrassed to confess and admit to them. Well, ladies, worry not, for fantasies fall in that dream space that has little to do with your real life behaviour or values. And yet, they do reveal something about your personality and your carefully veiled desires that you might not be aware of yourself. Intrigued, yeah? Read on, then...

1. Sex With A Stranger

A night of unbridled passion with a mysterious person, who you may or may not see the next day sounds delicious to you? Well, you just don’t want to conform and wish to live in the moment and follow whatever your instincts ask you to do. You are probably secretly yearning to be free from responsibility and judgement, and simply enjoy life the way you want to.

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2. Threesome With Two Guys

If two guys working hard at pleasing you turns you on, then you actually desire to be fought over! It’s amongst the most common fantasies women have - and reveals how you wish to play hard to get and want people to make real efforts at winning you over. Plus it’s just SO hot, no?

3. Threesome With A Guy And A Girl

Do your fantasies often play around you, your guy, and a third woman who may or may not be a stranger? If yes, then you enjoy the idea that others find your partner attractive and desirous, and wish to be in the relationship space that you are in.

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4. Submission

Does an experienced guy overpowering you in bed in a pleasurable way, excite you? Even though some people find whips and chains revolting, there are many women who do find submission to their partners quite enticing in the bedroom. What it reveals about you is that you wish for a strong man, who is willing to take charge and responsibility, not just in bed, but also in life. ‘Coz sometimes playing the damsel in distress can be fun too!

5. Domination

If you fantasize about your partner begging you for attention and completely submitting himself to your whims and fancies in the bedroom - you secretly desire control in real life too. According to research, it’s usually people who are easygoing in real life who wish to dominate behind closed doors.

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6. Sex In Public

Videotaping your makeout session, or just having sex on the beach - the idea of getting caught thrills you and totally turns you on. If you’re dreaming about making a performance out of your passionate love-making, then you’re probably an adventure junkie who is seeking an adrenaline thrill from the possibility of having sex without getting caught.

7. Role Play

If you like donning different avatars in the bedroom, from a naughty boss to a slightly risque nurse - then you are creative and always wish to experiment with new things to keep life exciting. You love the anticipation that role-play tends to bring to even regular sex, and the entire construction of the fantasy is your art. You, my girl, are an artist!

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