Will April Be YOUR Month? Here’s What Your Horoscope Says!

Will April Be YOUR Month? Here’s What Your Horoscope Says!
Holi was fun, and now there’s gonna be the rule of the sun. Summer is officially here, and it’s time to look ahead at all the wonderful opportunities that await you. Read on to find out what the month of April is going to bring for you...


April is going to be a happy month for you, Aries. You can ask for anything you want and chances are, you’ll probably get it. Your love life is going to be passionate and smooth, and if you aren’t in a relationship - you will still meet some new, interesting people and strike a chord with them. It’s also a great month to start something of your own, and money won’t be an obstacle in your path. Have a blast, we say!

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April might prove to be slightly bumpy for you, Taurus. You may face some emotional turmoil and personal relationships may also seem a bit difficult to cope with. The good news however is that you won’t fall short on the energy and optimism required to cope with it all. The bull will pass the storm, unharmed!

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You will have a prosperous professional life this month, Gemini. And what’s better is that your family and friends will celebrate your prosperity and encourage you to do even better in life. Just focus on yourself and work hard. You will get everything you want, eventually.

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Have you been waiting for a promotion or an increment? Well chances are you may get it this month, Cancer. April is going to be a great month for you professionally - and you’ll be able to meet your targets too. This may even mean a change in career path or job profile, but be rest assured that you’re moving in the right direction. Just focus on what you want, believe in yourself and keep working at it.

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You will have to put your charm and grace to good use this month, Leo - for to move ahead in life, you’ll need the support and agreement of other people around you too. Your efforts at work will be acknowledged and rewarded, but you shouldn’t lose focus of your priorities in the middle of all this appreciation. You will have to work a bit for people's support, but it will be yours and will ultimately ensure your progress.

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If you want what you want, you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone a bit, Virgo. This month you will have to take quick decisions and work flexibly along with other people. You will also have to keep their interests in mind while approaching them - so as to have healthy work relationships with them. Your analytical skills will keep you at the top of your game.

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Your social life is the envy of many, and you like it that way. But this month, your social life may prove particularly hectic for you too! This is because you may try to associate yourself with influential people. But in the midst of all this, do not forget your health, and give it the proper attention it requires.

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Opportunities will be aplenty this month, Scorpio - all you need to do is open yourself up to them. You need to believe that things will slowly but surely become favourable for you, even though it may not seem like it right now. It’s okay to not be happy with the current pace at which you’re  heading towards your dreams, just as long as you know that you will get there! The good part is that your friends and family will support you through it all.

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Shift your focus to your family, Sagittarius, for they need your time and attention more than anybody else right now. We know you’re an independent spirit who doesn’t like to be tied down, but you have to do your bit to maintain harmony in your private life. Try to maintain an emotional balance in all your relationships for your own peace of mind.

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You need to be emotionally strong in all walks of life this month, Capricorn. We know how ambitious and determined you are towards meeting your goals, but it’s important that you don’t lose your long term focus for short term gains. Focus on the future, while working hard in all your present tasks. We know you’ll succeed with flying colors.

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You need to take an initiative and ask for what you want in order to get ahead in life, Aquarius. You can create your own destiny - you have the talent and the skill required, so go ahead and live your dream. Financial opportunities this month are fabulous, so just believe in yourself and do your thing.

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Work hard in the days to come, and you will reap the benefit of your toil too. It’s always a good idea to be tolerant and understanding towards your loved ones - even though sometimes they may not agree with you. It will help you navigate easily through any deadlocks you may face at work or home.

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