9 Reasons You Don’t *Have* To Get Married By 25!

9 Reasons You Don’t *Have* To Get Married By 25!
“Oh. You’re 25. Can you hear your wedding bells ringing?” “25 is the perfect age for marriage.” Aren’t you guys sick of hearing this? For some reason, people think that a girl needs to get married by the time she’s around 25. WHY? Everyone always tries to give reasons as to why you need to get married when you’re 25 years old! Well, here are a few reasons as to why 25 is NOT the “marriageable age”!

1. Age is JUST a number!

There’s NO perfect age for marriage. You should get married when you feel you can handle all the responsibilities that comes along with being married. Marriage isn’t just about two people, it’s about two families.

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2. Getting done with your education must be the priority!

People say that you can continue with your studies after your marriage. That’s there and it’s true. Of course you can. But there would be way more distractions and it would be quite a task to cope up with it all. You need to get done with your education first.

3. Lay the foundation for your career!

One needs to concentrate on their career - and when you’re 25, you’ve just stepped into the real world and maybe just started off. You need to build your career, boost it, and give it your best shot.

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4. Do things with your girlfriends!

The worst thing on earth is regret. One fine day, you might just look back and regret not having spent enough time with your girls. Your girls have been there for you, through thick and thin, and you need to live and have fun with them before you say, “I do”.

5. Become independent!

Being independent doesn’t mean financial independence ONLY. You need to learn to not be dependent on anyone else - emotionally and mentally as well. Give yourself time to learn to live alone and handle your life.

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6. Experiment!

They say that you meet too many wrong people before you meet the right one. So you gotta meet those wrong people first and then learn from those experiences!

marriageable age

7. Discover yourself!

All your life, you’re busy competing, either academically or professionally. You must give yourself time and discover the true you. You might not have explored yourself and your potential completely.

marriageable age

8. Tick off everything from your bucket list!

Your bucket list might have way too many things which aren’t “acceptable” or completely appropriate after marriage - so do yourself a favour and tick them off before you get married!

9. Your life! Your choice!

At the end of the day, you always must remember this one thing - that it’s your life and you need to make decisions for yourself. Never let society decide what you need to do with your life.

marriageable age

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