Why Travelling With Him Is The Ultimate Way To Know Him Better!

Why Travelling With Him Is The Ultimate Way To Know Him Better!
We all have those friends who we love to travel with because every trip with them is special. When it comes to the man in your life, it will pretty much be the same. From planning a trip a month ahead, to packing and leaving at a moment's notice - with these insights, you will find out what you enjoy the most about your (travel) partner and how you complement each other when you travel!

1. Happy Meals

Before travelling, some guys will cook a meal for you and even clean up, some will fix a quick sandwich for the way and some will budget for an economical meal.

These are things about your partner you wouldn't come across on a daily basis. But after a trip together, you'll know him a little better and be that much more secure in his company and your relationship.

travelling with your partner

2. Divide And Rule, Ladies!

When you plan a trip with him, you will figure out who is better at organising tickets, managing the money, booking hotels and so on. Maybe he has a knack for finding good airline deals, maybe you are better at deciding which new destination to visit. This will make travel planning smoother every time you guys decide to take a trip somewhere new.

3. Tune Up To Tune In

Every good road trip has its own soundtrack and everybody has their own set of tunes. Whether it's travel-worthy Bollywood, foot-tapping top 40s, classic rock fare or static silence... you learn what his travel music fetish is and he comes to know yours. Many old musical favourites have childhood memories and stories behind them - giving each of you a unique glimpse into the other's past experiences.

travelling with your partner

3. Happy Rooms

Buses and cars mean sitting idle, which means frequent trips to the loo - especially if it's that time of the month. There are some things about you that your guy does not know yet, but should. Travelling with someone is how you cross that slightly uncomfortable boundary - and once on the other side, your nether regions and beyond will no longer be no man's land. Soon enough you will be discussing PMS with him as freely as you would with your girls.


5. Time Travel

Plane, train or car, after a point, conversation can start to get tedious. You are on the same journey after all. You'll be met with sleepiness, irritability, hunger, budget constraints - all the things that bring out the worst in a person. Time to face your demons, or rather, his...and learn to deal with them!

travelling with your partner

6. Game On!

Sometimes journeys are longer than they should be. These are good opportunities to see what tricks your partner has up his sleeve. He might be good at games you never imagined! Be it Taboo, a simple card game, I-Spy or 20 Questions - you will find ways to keep each other entertained, no matter how tedious the journey.

7. Girl Interrupted

Things go wrong in life. Flights and trains get cancelled, trips can be delayed and weather can intervene. Unplanned expenses and emergencies come out of nowhere. Situations like these give you a glimpse of how hands-on and self-sufficient your man is. A happy and can-do attitude under stress can go a long way - and wouldn't that be the person you would be confident to have by your side?!

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