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Flats, Platforms… And Now FLATFORMS!!

Flats, Platforms… And Now FLATFORMS!!
Every once in a while, a certain trend comes along that seems a little incongruous. People don’t warm up to them in an instant, but they slowly grow on everyone and suddenly become a fashion favourite. Such was the case with Flatforms. They have done their time of being called the “ugly-pretty” shoe and it seems like no one can do without them now.

The Flatform, as the name suggests, is a combination of platform heels and flats. Unlike the platform, they have a uniform bar-like heel throughout. They have the height of a platform heel but with the functionality and comfort of flats. They have a certain kind of architectural vibe to them which gives them a nice fashion forward look.

the flatform trend

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These trendy shoes come in a number of different designs from open sandals to platform brogues to closed canvas ones. You can wear flatforms with jeans and they also look great when paired with a pair of shorts or a skater skirt.

the flatform trend

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So if you want to add some height and the comfort of heels, then you’re lucky that flatforms will not only solve that problem but will also make you look like a trendsetter. What a great time to be alive!

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