The REAL Reason Guys Love Oral Sex So Much!

The REAL Reason Guys Love Oral Sex So Much!
Yes, ladies, this no secret to any of you guys: the fact that men kind of love oral sex. Sometimes it might even seem that we like blow jobs even more than intercourse - and for some guys, that’s actually true. If you’ve ever wondered why, here’s us trying to break it down…

why guys love oral sex

First and foremost, it’s pretty much the most pleasure a person can ever receive without having to do anything. We get to lay back and just enjoy the experience without moving a muscle. Can you blame us for loving that?

It’s also about power. No, contrary to what you might have heard or read, it’s not just about a woman being “submissive” when performing oral sex on a guy. Yes, some guys do enjoy that (obviously only if the girl we’re with is happy and comfortable about playing that role in bed). But there’s the other side to it as well - where you have the power. Think about it…is a guy ever more vulnerable than when he has his most private part literally in your mouth? It's a tremendous turn-on to be able to surrender so completely to you - and to trust you not to hurt us.

And, well, last of all. Let's face facts: your tongue can do things that other parts of you can't. *Embarrassed face.*

Image: Shutterstock, Tumblr