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Why Do Jeans Pockets Have *Another* Pocket?! (Answer Here!)

Why Do Jeans Pockets Have *Another* Pocket?! (Answer Here!)
You've probably stuck your pen into it at some point. Or maybe even some random earring. And it sure makes for a great place to tuck your little tube of chapstick. You know what we're talking about, right? That pocket within the pocket that's in your jeans!! (Seriously. Why does my pocket have another baby pocket?! It sometimes makes me feel a bit...kangaroo-like, to be honest.)


tiny pocket in jeans

Oddly enough, it WASN'T the kangaroo that was the inspiration for this. Nothing Australian about it at all, in fact, unlike what I'd thought all my life. (Yep, that's what I did think.) It was them damn Americans who are responsible for this confusing pocket-in-pocket phenomenon. Those olden day cowboys (c'mon, you must have watched at least ONE John Wayne movie) - apparently they used to fight so much with each other that they kept breaking their watches! Because, you know, in those times they weren't clever enough to have thought of the wristwatch. And had to depend only on pocket watches.

tiny pocket in jeans

Enter their saviour - one Mr Levi Strauss. Yes, ladies, Mr Strauss is the man you need to be thanking for that little baby kangaroo pocket - he started putting it into those denims to keep the watches safe. (Presumably so that the cowboys could keep their shooting appointments in a punctual and timely manner!)

And why do we still have them? Well, because some things NEVER go out of fashion. :P


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