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Why Being Single In Your 20s Might Be The Best Thing Ever!

Why Being Single In Your 20s Might Be The Best Thing Ever!
Okay, so - you’re single. That might be your current “status”, but by no means should it define you as a person - or in any way make you think that you are experiencing some lesser quality of life by not being part of a couple! In fact, being single in your twenties is something to embrace and make the most of… Here’s why!

1. Wanderlust

Most of us have been hit by the wanderlust bug and want to travel far and often. The best part about being single is that you can! You can go anywhere your heart desires without having to think twice about who you’re leaving behind!

single in your twenties

2. No extra responsibilities

Sure, you have a job, bills and taxes to pay - but you don’t have diapers to change or a boyfriend at the moment! Think about it, it’s not ALL romantic and dreamy once you take off the rose tinted glasses!

3. No tip-toeing around

You’re in your twenties, you’ve finally earned the right to tell your parents, “Hey, I’m going to see so and so…” rather than having to ask them. So, imagine having to deal with all the negotiating that comes with a relationship, to make sure you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes. After all, you would be thinking about not upsetting your partner too!

single in your twenties

4. You da boss

Work, work, work, work and work can be your priority! You can focus on it as much as you like and put in the hours you want to, without thinking “I’m going to be so late to meet him.” You’re less distracted and therefore likely to give things your best - it will pay off!

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5. No sex worries!

So long as you’re practicing safe sex, being single can actually mean that you get to explore a lot more, sexually. There’s no stopping you! On the other hand, it could also mean that you’re not as sexually active - and therefore, never worried about why your period is late. Win-win!!

single in your twenties

6. Big city life...

If you want to have a fresh start or move to a big city, then do it! It’s the same as travel - nothing is holding you back. You don’t even have to think of the dreaded long distance relationship - just get up and go!

7. Young, wild ‘n’ free

You get to decide what your plans are in your spare time. Do you want to hang out with the girls? Go clubbing? Have a pajama day? It’s totally on you, babe! Enjoy it!

single in your twenties

8. Starfish

When it comes to the end of the day and you get to stretch out in your bed in a star shape and drift off - we know you’ll be thanking the world that you’re single!

9. You do YOU!

Love will come, it’s not that it won’t - but until it peeps its head around the corner or until you feel like you’re ready to settle down, just enjoy yourself! You won’t get this time back again - and whether single or attached, loving yourself and cultivating the relationship you have with you is the most important thing you can do in your twenties!!

single in your twenties

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