7 Certain Signs You Might Be Turning Into Your Mom!!

7 Certain Signs You Might Be Turning Into Your Mom!!
Growing up, whatever your mother said and did usually earned her an affectionate or exasperated eye-roll. You loved her, but did not agree with her on anything. And you have clear memories where you strongly felt you would *never* end up being like your parents. Cut to the present and….

1. You covet her clothes and jewellery.

While you might not be proud of it, there are likely to have been moments in the past where you have sternly disapproved of your mother's taste in clothing and jewellery. But today, you cannot wait to get your hands on her beautiful collection of vintage sarees and jhumkas - and her wide selection of comfortable, cozy nightgowns.

2. You find yourself quoting her in all seriousness.

"My mother says…" is a phrase you use very, very often in conversations. Somehow, over the last decade, you seem to have taken in all her beliefs about money, career, relationships, life and family, and by repeating her advice, you are sharing the wisdom with the rest of the world!

2- like your mother

3. You have become a feed-er.

When you were young, you vividly recall your mother and the mothers of your friends piling food onto your plate, even though you beseeched them not to. And today, when you have guests over at home, the first question that follows "Hello, come in" is: "Are you hungry?"

During meals, you watch their plates like a hawk and are ready to serve them more food as soon as their plate looks almost empty.

4. You feel your mother's quirks might have been hereditary

The way she slices apples, the exaggerated manner in which she widens her eyes when quoted a price by a shopkeeper, her irrational paranoia about certain modes of public transport, her fake laughter when talking to people she does not like, her funny dance moves…you seem to have inherited them all in your adulthood...

4- like your mother

5. You disapprove of the same things.

All through your childhood and teenage years, one of your mother's biggest grouses was you and your siblings not coming for meals on time and just staring at the telly. And today, it sets your teeth on edge to think when people are absorbed in their phones, and not having a face-to-face conversation during meals!

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6. You find the same things funny.

When you were younger, you felt your mother and you had nothing in common and could never understand each other. But these days, your time together is spent in uproarious laughter. And the best part of knowing each other from the day of your birth is you can convey something you have found amusing about a person or situation through code language or just through eye contact! And just like that, you and your mother have to forcibly not look at each other or you might burst out laughing in public.

6- like your mother

7. Generation gap? Not so much!

Some years ago, you might have hit the panic button to realise you are turning into your mother. But today, you have grown up enough to realise you not only love the woman who has raised you but you also like and respect her. And someday, if you have kids, you want to raise them just like she did!

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