When Is A Guy *Most* Likely To Propose Marriage?!

When Is A Guy *Most* Likely To Propose Marriage?!

You know how at certain times of the year it just feels like if you log on to Facebook, answer a phone call or even open a letter you know you're going to read something along the lines of "She said YES!!" Or "We're engaged!!" Sound familiar?! Well, that might be because there is a pattern that shows when men are most likely to propose! So, let's take you through a countdown of the top 10 times a guy is most likely to propose!

10. On a long holiday weekend

Why: It’s the perfect time for a quick romantic getaway and a chance for you two to spend quality time together - this might result in him asking the big question! a guy is likely to propose

9. Independence Day/ Republic Day

Why: If he or you are a very patriotic kind of person, then this day might inspire courage or feelings that result in him proposing!

8. Religious holidays

Why: Same logic - maybe it’s an auspicious day in his family?

7. The anniversary of your first ever date

Why: It’s the perfect way to recreate the past magic and pave the way to the future. :) a guy is likely to propose

6. The date when you two first met

Why: Maybe he’s been dying to ask you since that very date…love at first sight, after all!

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5. Your birthday

Why: Well, the day is all about you anyway, so why not throw in one extra super duper present! a guy is likely to propose

4. Valentine's Day!

Why: Love is all around and truly in the air - it’s romance, romance, romance all around. You could expect him to get down on one knee!

3. Christmas Day

Why: The holiday is basically taken up by the idea of giving and making people happy by presents…so what better present than the shiniest one that comes in the smallest box?! a guy is likely to propose

2. New Year’s Eve

Why: As one year turns to another…you turn from girlfriend/ boyfriend to fiance/ fiancée!

1. When you’re BOTH ready!

Why: There’s no right time and nothing is set in stone - each couple is different and the best time one can propose is when you are both comfortable and ready to take that next step. No matter what day of the year it is! :) a guy is likely to propose GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: The Cutest Ways To Propose To Your Guy! MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, 15 Reasons I Said YES When You Proposed!