15 Things A Guy Only Does For A Girl He Loves!

15 Things A Guy Only Does For A Girl He Loves!
When a guy is in love, you just know! There are these little things he does that may not even be very noticeable, but they are still very sweet! Here are a few things a guy does only for the woman he loves!

1. He shares his food with you!

Even if he pretends like he absolutely does not approve of you not ordering your own portion!

When a guy is in love

2. He doesn’t fuss too much about carrying your bag when you’re tired!

You’re tired. Your shoulders hurt. He cares. Simple.

3. He watches rom-coms with you that, otherwise, he wouldn’t be caught dead watching!

And you watch all those thrillers and action movies with him too. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

When a guy is in love

4. He even indulges himself with spas sometimes - just to give you company.

Even though he would never admit this to his friends, and he will always protest just a little when you suggest a couples massage - we all know that secretly he really enjoys it!

5. He snuggles with you!

And very peacefully falls asleep just like that.

When a guy is in love

6. He skips watching a very important match because you have something else planned!

Now this - this is a big deal!

7. He even pauses his PlayStation to talk to you when you call…

Okay, seriously, could he be any more into you?!

When a guy is in love

8. He likes to keep you in the loop about his family and vice versa

You’re basically kept up to date about his mom’s life - just as she is about yours!

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9. He wants you to go everywhere with him!

Whether to a party next door or a holiday to Hawaii. He just wants you by his side.

When a guy is in love

10. And he even goes to places he doesn’t want to go because you’re going…

He might not want to hang out with the people you are hanging out with - but he’ll go anyway because it’ll make you happy.

11. He doesn’t hesitate before sharing anything about his life with you…

Whether you want to know about his equation with his ex or that girl bestie of his who just does not leave him alone - he’ll give you whatever information you want!

When a guy is in love

12. He doesn’t hold back on the PDA!

Or more like he can’t!

13. He actually listens to all the insignificant details about the drama that happened with your colleagues…

He doesn't know them and he doesn’t really care. But he’ll listen anyway!

When a guy is in love

14. He’s happy to spend a weekend doing nothing, just with you…

In fact, you and him in a bedroom with not much else to do (except each other!) = his favorite kind of weekend.


15. He never, ever lets you feel insecure about your relationship

No matter what the situation, there is one thing you can be absolutely certain about - that he loves you and only you, unconditionally! He never gives you a chance to doubt his loyalty.

When a guy is in love

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