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What Is The One Thing You *Cannot* Stand? Your Zodiac Says..

What Is The One Thing You *Cannot* Stand? Your Zodiac Says..
Whether you lose your cool easily, or you’re an extremely calm person, there are certain things that a person just can’t stand! What is the one thing you absolutely cannot tolerate? Let’s see what your zodiac says...


You, Aries, are highly courageous and not afraid to voice your opinion when needed. You are a compassionate individual and treat everyone around you with respect and kindness. The one thing you absolutely cannot stand is people being intolerant towards others. You respect people, no matter what they do or who they are - and another person talking down to anyone is something you just cannot tolerate.
what you cannot tolerate


You are very clear about what you want, Taurus. Once you make a decision or take up a task, you make sure you finish it to your best ability too. What you absolutely cannot tolerate is people changing their minds over and over after they have committed to something. Indecisiveness about important things is not something you take to well. what you cannot tolerate


You love change, Gemini, because you can adapt to it so well. You have absolutely no problem accommodating in any and every situation. You’re versatile and rather flexible a person. What you absolutely cannot tolerate is a monotonous routine - day after day. You are alright staying and doing the same thing for some time, but you as an individual require and enjoy change every now and then. Even if it is just a holiday to break your everyday routine for a while! what you cannot tolerate


You have an emotional personality, Cancer. You don’t feel things just slightly - you’re either extremely happy or not at all, very sad or not at all, bursting with anger or not at all! There is no grey zone as far as your feelings are concerned. But at the same time, this very quality makes you very sensitive towards other people. You care a lot about their emotions as well. The one thing you absolutely can’t stand is manipulation by another individual. You can sense when a person is using someone for their own benefit or advantage - and that really ticks you off. what you cannot tolerate


You are perhaps the most generous of them all, Leo. You have a very large heart and you show a lot of warmth towards people. You’re hard-working and like being appreciated for the things you do - just like you always give credit where it is due. The one thing you absolutely cannot tolerate is someone else stealing your thunder when you’ve put in all the hard work. You don’t mind sharing credit for something, but someone claiming credit for something they have not done is something you can’t stand.
what you cannot tolerate  


You are extremely hard-working, Virgo. You’re not afraid of hard work and enjoy being with those who aren’t lazy about getting things done! You absolutely cannot tolerate people always cribbing about things. You have a positive outlook towards life and can’t stand people who create a negative atmosphere with all their cribbing. what you cannot tolerate


You like peace, Libra. That is perhaps of utmost importance to you. You are gracious and fair-minded and no one could ever accuse you of being unjust. What you absolutely cannot tolerate is people speaking without thinking. You believe that everyone must keep others’ feelings in mind and speak and act with some tact. what you cannot tolerate


You know how to stick your ground, Scorpio. You’re not one to back out after having made a promise. This trait makes you a great friend to have. You cannot stand bullies! You are firm and like taking charge as well, but you’re not one to bully people into doing things. Those who bully and boss people around are usually not on your list of friends! what you cannot tolerate


Idealistic, Sagittarius, you like to live in a little bubble of your own. You are unaffected by what people have to say about you, and that is perhaps one of the nicest traits you possess. You don’t judge and neither do you like being judged. What you can’t tolerate is people judging others for the way they choose to live life. You’re a strong believer of the mantra that each individual is special in their own way and you can’t stand anyone passing judgement or forming an opinion based on what someone is on the outside.
what you cannot tolerate


Your good manners make you stand out, Capricorn. You’re very careful about how you behave with others and how others perceive you. What you absolutely can’t tolerate is people who are rude! You’re extremely polite until someone misbehaves with you or anyone else for no reason. You cannot stand that and are not afraid to give them a piece of your mind. what you cannot tolerate


You are highly imaginative, Aquarius. You are independent, open-minded and not afraid to be  your own person. You are always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone who might need it. What you absolutely cannot stand is people trying to be something they are not. You appreciate originality and people who are fake is not something you can tolerate. what you cannot tolerate


You’re gentle by nature, Pisces. You are kind to people, known and unknown. You have a very wise disposition and there are very few situations in life where you lose your cool. What you absolutely cannot stand is people who pretend to know it all! No one is perfect and no one knows everything! So when people try and argue about everything just to prove themselves right, it really annoys you! what you cannot tolerate GIFs: Tumblr Featured Image: Shutterstock