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What’s The One Thing You Can NEVER Resist?! Your Zodiac Says...

What’s The One Thing You Can NEVER Resist?! Your Zodiac Says...
There are so many things or situations in life when one finds it hard to say “no”. Food, shopping, a good movie! There are times we all slip because we just can’t resist temptation. But certain things make it hard for a person to say no, no matter what situation or time they present themselves in. Here is the one thing you CANNOT say no to, according to your zodiac sign...


You, Aries, love trying new things in life. That is the one thing that keeps you going! Monotony is not your cup of tea - and you’re always willing to try everything, at least once! The one thing you can’t resist is - yes, you guessed right - a good adventure! Whether it’s trying a new cuisine, pushing your boundaries and trying new outfits that you thought you would never wear, or just travelling solo - if it’s something new and exciting, you’re always willing to give it a shot! cannot say no


You, Taurus, are some someone who really values your friendships. You believe that friends are the family we choose! Given that, it’s not hard to guess what you find really difficult to say no to - yes, it’s spending time with your friends! You are one who believes in quality over quantity in every aspect of life.The same applies as far as your friends are concerned. Although you may not make too many friends very easily, you cherish those that you do make.   cannot say no


You thrive on learning new things, Gemini. Whether it’s picking up the newspaper to just gain some knowledge about what’s happening around the world, or taking up a new activity to acquire a new skill - you can never seem to resist learning something new! It’s no wonder that you know so much about everything and always have something to talk about with anyone and everyone that you meet!
cannot say no


There is nothing as important as family to you, Cancer. You have a very nurturing nature and truly believe that your family deserves all your love and attention - for they give you all of theirs! The one thing you can’t say no to for anything is your family! Whether it’s about spending time with your parents, teaching your younger sibling something, or helping your grandma out with a recipe she wants to try - you just can’t say no to your family! cannot say no


You are highly independent, Leo. You feel complete in yourself and rarely ever need someone to make you happy. You do like being around people, but don’t rely on them for anything - it is often the other way round given your strong personality and great leadership skills. The one thing you can’t resist is an opportunity to lead. Whether it is playing a lead role in your school/ college theatre production or leading a team at work - you can’t and won’t say no to such an opportunity!   cannot say no


Virgo, you are very practical and systematic in life. You like looking at things for what they are and getting to the bottom of issues! In fact, there is no one who enjoys solving a mystery as much as you do. The one thing you can’t say no to is gaining new information - on anything and anyone. You like to know about everything that is going on around you, and can never resist anyone who might give you some knowledge.  
cannot say no


You, Libra, are a true lover of peace. You will do anything to keep the environment around you peaceful and calm. No matter how angry you may be with someone, you will never say no if they want to make peace and makeup. Such is your nature - thankfully! You’d rather have peace than feed your ego. cannot say no


You, Scorpio, like being in power. You are a natural born leader and like to be in control. The one thing you cannot say no to, however, is helping people out. Although you may be tough on the outside, when someone genuinely needs help and asks you for it, you cannot and don’t say no. This is what makes you so endearing! cannot say no


You are a free bird, Sagittarius. You cannot and won’t be caged or confined by the rules that society makes. You make your own rules and like to take life as it comes. The one thing can’t resist is spontaneous plans! You believe in living in the moment and seizing every opportunity that comes your way. No wonder your friends always rely on you for those last minute plans for a road trip! They know you’ll be game for anything spontaneous and fun! cannot say no


You are extremely hardworking and sincere, Capricorn. What always pays off for you along with these two things, is your determination. You don’t believe in giving up. The one thing you can’t resist is a good challenge! You don’t look at challenges as obstacles in your path, rather as learning experiences that help you grow and learn more about yourself as an individual.
cannot say no


You live in a world of your own, Aquarius. You are an idealist and an optimist - and you have your own ideas about the world. The one thing you can’t say no to is any sort of creative task. You are imaginative and full of ideas - and refuse to live life the ordinary way. You like to constantly create or be a part of creative processes. cannot say no


You are gentle and kind by nature, Pisces. Your warmth often attracts even those who may not be very friendly. The one thing you can’t say no to is giving advice when asked. You enjoy being the one giving solutions and suggestions and helping those in need out. And the best part is that you don't do it with an ulterior motive - that is just how you are. cannot say no  GIFS: Tumblr