8 Things You'll Get If Your Husband Actually Likes Housework!

8 Things You'll Get If Your Husband Actually Likes Housework!
It’s not a choice. Every husband needs to help out with the household chores because it’s his home too! But what if you are blessed with a husband who loves to do housework?! Ask me, it’s the most awesome thing ever! Here are 8 things you’ll totally get if your man too loves to do housework :D

1. Grocery shopping = fun, fun, fun!

He’ll wheel around those heavy trolleys, pick out the fresh-looking sabji and fruits, browse for pulses, spices and dairy products, and stand in the long billing queues of Big Bazaar while you lazily explore the hair and skin section and pick out all the latest products!

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2. Girls just wanna have fun!

You can actually plan that Sunday brunch with all your girlies because your husband is a superstar and he’ll look after all the annoying household chores that take up most of your Sunday. What a sweetheart!

3. House parties are a reality

I would never host house parties unless my hubby was who he is! While the maid does most of the cooking and serving, he is amazing with the post-party clean up. After all those drinks all I can do is crash but once I wake up, the house is back to it’s original shape! Extra kisses to him for that :*

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4. Your ghar looks fantastic!

And all the relatives and friends always shower you with compliments. You’re like this superwoman balancing house and work effortlessly well. But in reality, it’s actually the man who’s been doing everything! How clever are we!

4- husband who loves to do housework

5. You’ll never sleep hungry!

He may not be a Masterchef, but his love for the kitchen makes sure that on days when the cook is on leave, he makes you a quick, healthy salad or maybe the ‘2 minutes’ Maggie. Whatever it is, you’ll sleep happy and content :)

6. Children: to have or not?

The idea of having children doesn’t exactly freak you out because you have your multitasking husband right by your side. You know he’ll make the pregnancy and the maddening first year a smooth ride.

7. No more fights

Men can be dirty! Trust me, most couples have these crazy fights about leaving the wet towel on the bed, not wiping the floor after a bath or throwing around dirty linen. But you’re the couple who never fights over these things because they are always taken care of!

7- husband who loves to do housework

8. Love me like you do

You feel loved and pampered and happy and smiley…all the time! He’s the guy other wives give as an example to their husbands. And you just love showing him off! Lucky you!

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