15 Things That Change When Your Boyfriend Becomes Your Husband!

15 Things That Change When Your Boyfriend Becomes Your Husband!
Can’t wait to marry your boyfriend? Here are a few things that change when you go from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife - other than your relationship status on Facebook, of course!

1.  You Get A Roommate for Life!

If you’ve been dating for a while, then marriage kind of just feels like a live-in relationship. Except your parents will actually approve of it. :P

when you become husband and wife

2. “This is my boyfriend… Oops, I mean husband!”

The first year of marriage is full of slip-ups like this. It does take a while to get used to your new husband-wife titles.

3. You’re Officially Kicked Out Of The Singles’ Club

You stop getting invited for certain singles-only plans like bar hopping with the girls! Plus, your single friends could feel a bit odd hanging out with just you and your new hubby.

when you become husband and wife

4. You May Not Feel As Grown-Up As You Thought You Would

You both may not make as much money as you like. You sometimes feel like you’re just playing house rather than actually living it like it’s reality! And sometimes, you have to pinch yourself to believe you’re actually married.

5. You Fight Differently

You know this is for keeps, so you learn to let the little things and bad moods go. You’re in this for life - so threatening to walk out over frivolous and petty matters is not very wise. You just have to suck it up sometimes, compromise a little and learn to choose your battles smartly.

when you become husband and wife

6. The World Looks At You Differently

People think of you as more mature and take you more seriously. You get used to it, even if it’s the opposite of how you feel!

7. Your Sex Life Changes

For the better! When you live together, you can do it whenever and however you want. ;)

when you become husband and wife

8. Everyone Asks When You’re Having Kids

Earlier it was “When are you getting married?” Now people behave like the sole reason for getting married is to produce babies - and fast!

9. You’re Going To Be Together A LOT!

You wake up together, you get ready together, you go home to each other - sometimes you could crave some space, but most of the time it’s awesome. Companionship feels fantastic!

when you become husband and wife

10. You’re Responsible For Each Other

Not just financially. Looking out for one another, caring for the other when he/ she’s sick - you’re not just responsible for yourself but also for another person’s well being.

11. You Marry Each Other’s Families

Not just one another! His mom is not just your boyfriend’s mom anymore, but yours too. It takes a while to get used to suddenly having so many new family members and calling his parents mom and dad too.

when you become husband and wife

12. Your Hopes And Dreams

They’re still the same but just get modified to fit your new couple lifestyle. Plus, you get to really share each other’s hopes and dreams now.

13. Communication Changes

Late night texts and phone calls are now replaced by midnight conversations lying in bed together. You no longer need to plan dates, but instead remind each other of whose turn it is to buy groceries!

when you become husband and wife

14. You Learn That Love Is Just A Small Part Of Being Married

Marriage is more than just loving each other - it’s also about compromise, sacrifice, a lot more responsibilities and learning to love each other’s families as much as you love your own.

15. You Reach New Levels Of Intimacy

You see each other in all states - happy, sad, sick, grumpy, angry. You point out faults and tell the other when they’re wrong - and you see each other in your worst as well as your best state. But in the end, you learn to stand by and love each other through all of it, in sickness and in health.

when you become husband and wife

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