What Are Fashion Weeks REALLY Like? 4 Insiders Reveal All…

What Are Fashion Weeks REALLY Like? 4 Insiders Reveal All…
Fashion weeks might seem like an extravagant set full of glamorous people but behind the scenes, it's not as rosy as it may seem. POPxo got fashion insiders - two designers, a model, a blogger; all with varied levels of experience - to reveal what life really is like during the fashion week! This #IndiaModern -themed Amazon India Fashion Week, we’re busting myths. Because behind all the glamour, there’s a bunch of hardworking people ensuring the fashion week is a success. Are you listening, fashion school aspirants?

1. I work for more than 10-12 hours a day!

1. what fashion weeks are really like

Credit: Namrata Joshipura on Instagram

Designer Namrata Joshipura’s stunning designs have been worn by some of the most popular faces in Bollywood including Kareena Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. And while the clothes she designs are glamorous and eye-popping, NJ herself is the epitome of understated chic. This fashion stalwart usually wears her trainers to the fashion week (not everyone wears heels to the week!) and packs in a run whenever possible. “I work more than 10-12 hours a day and in between all the work I also have to make sure that my 11-year-old has completed her homework. As the show comes closer, I have to multi-task between music sessions, fittings and set-design,” she says. Phew! It even sounds tiring.

Namrata’s experience: Fashion pundit

2. Heels are a no-no!

2.. what fashion weeks are really like

Credit: Cherry Jain


Blogger Cherry Jain is comparatively new to the fashion week but in her second year of attendance is already aware of the rosy picture it paints and the reality on the ground. “My first week included a lot of heels, excitement to dress up and meeting new people. This time around, I’ve figured that wearing flats is more feasible since there’s a lot of running around to do. People like me who are there for work and have to stay for an entire day don’t really have the liberty to wear heels and flawless makeup all day. I do try and look chic still,” she quips. “Because you know, the Amazon India Fashion Week is THE event to be at all through the calendar year,” concludes Cherry.

Cherry’s experience: Fashion novice

3. I don’t use the loo for 4-5 hours… and starve!

3.. what fashion weeks are really like

Credit: Vasundhara Mantri

Jewellery designer, Vasundahra Mantri, who is based out of Kolkata, has to drive two hours  away from the city to Domjur (an artisan village) where she sits in the company of 15 to 20 male kaarigars who weld, mould, and melt metal to make her jewellery. “There’s a huge fire, it’s hot and I can’t even turn on the fan. To top that, there’s no washroom I can use or food I can eat for 4-5 hours,” says Mantri. You think all this toil and hard work would cause Mantri to discourage fashion students from joining the line, but she doesn’t! Her only advice for fashion students is - “Get into this only if you’re passionate about it, not because you think it’s a trendy profession. Its really hard to sustain your business without the passion!”.

Vasundhara’s experience: Fashion pundit

4. The boys have it harder

4.. what fashion weeks are really like

Credit: Mandeep Singh

Male model Mandeep Singh says the boys have it harder at fashion weeks. If you’re an aspiring male model, not only is there a LOT of competition, there are also fewer shows and much less work (in comparison to the abundance of work for female models). “We usually fight through many aspirants to get a show. And for the few shows we get, we work out all year to keep fit. A male model has to be a minimum of 5’11’’ in height and a maximum of a 40’’ chest. So if you’re a modelling aspirant, bulking up is not the way to go,” says Mandeep. He also mentions that backstage, there’s a lot of stress to perform well and give you 100%, without which getting selected the next time becomes hard. “The Amazon India Fashion Week is a great place to be though. It teaches you a lot and when all the hard work culminates into this beautiful week full of great people, you know it’s worth it,” concludes Mandeep.

Mandeep’s experience: Fashion intermediate

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