7 Challenges Of Wedding Prep That Are All Too Real!

7 Challenges Of Wedding Prep That Are All Too Real!
The time between your engagement and the wedding - the courtship period, as they call it - is supposed to be the BEST TIME EVER! But here’s a little bit of information which will burst that bubble for you – the wedding prep isn’t exactly a bed of roses for anyone. It comes with its own wedding preparation challenges, trials and tribulations. Here goes…

1. Sleepless In The Courtship

Be it the hectic hours at work or wedding shopping - your days are long, and so you keep the night-time free to catch up with the hubby-to-be. And all-nighters on the phone aren’t a good idea when you have yet another busy day to brave. Skipping office isn’t an option since you already took enough leave for the wedding and honeymoon. So you’re left with no option but to walk around like a zombie all day, every day.

2. Tension Of The Trials

Yes, you have dreamt of your wedding outfit since you were nine, but nothing comes easy, girls. As if walking into 20 stores wasn’t enough to choose THE perfect wedding lehenga, the trials and expectations attached to them might dampen the spirit a tad. How you thought you’d look in that outfit and how it actually looks on you are two very different things! Besides, the multiple fitting issues, the embroidery that you thought you were sure of but are doubting now…the list is endless.

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3. Planning Woes

Wedding planning comes with its share of stress and arguments - whom to invite, what the decoration budget should be, where to save money and where to splurge. And the arguments that take place at home aren’t always something that you’d want to share with the fiancé because, hey, this is supposed to be the ‘happy phase’. But you really could use his shoulder to cry on right now.

4. Cold Feet Galore

Do not underestimate this one. When you told your parents you liked the guy and that you were ready to get married to him, you were super confident. But as the wedding stress builds and the dates come close, you get more and more doubtful and anxious. You begin to rethink the whole idea and wonder why you said yes in the first place. This is what they call ‘cold feet’ that’s bound to happen to every bride-to-be, and it ain’t too pleasant, ladies.


5. Peer Pressure

You have ALL of that going on and yet you’re supposed to slap on an ecstatic expression and pretend that all is well when you’re actually neck-deep in wedding planning issues. You have to watch your girlfriends awwing every time you excuse yourself to attend your fiance’s phone call or each time you share any of the wedding details with them, and they don’t have a clue about how hectic it’s all been so far. They don’t know that all you’re truly waiting for now is for the wedding prep to end!

6. The Ex Effect

The ex is long gone and it seems like he was with you in another lifetime, long ago. However, some of them tend to overreact to the news of your wedding. Therefore, there probably will be some drama – some phone calls or SMSes perhaps. And if you have none of these troubles, the biggest dilemma will be whether or not to send him an invitation card. Some advice from your girlfriends might be of help here.

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7. Oh Please, Everyone!

All of a sudden you have a whole new family to shower your love and attention on. So you make it a point to call the mother-in-law or the fiancé’s cousin brother or his grandfather on their birthdays and anniversaries, and you won’t miss any of these important occasions. It’s not just on occasions - sometimes you’ll have to just make courtesy calls and visits to please all his relatives who will soon be living in the same house as you.