How To Wear Black Even On Hot Summer Days!

How To Wear Black Even On Hot Summer Days!
Everyone thinks crisp white and floral outfits when they think summer, but some of us can only think black. Yes, we love the colour and while it is not really ideal for when the sun shines hard and bright (black clothing is known to trap heat), it can be incorporated in your wardrobe into a host of chic ways. At the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week, we learnt a few tricks to make black feature in our wardrobe through every season.

1. Accessorise With It!

1. Black for summer Dani-Reiyang

Dani Reiyang

While all-black is usually a no-no for summer, nobody said you can’t accessorise with it. Pair pin-up socks with a black bag and matching belt over your summer essentials - a white t-shirt and denim combo.

2. Cover Up With It

2. Black for summer Karishma Yadav, pinktrunk

Karishma Yadav

Don’t feel the heat as much as everybody else? Throw a black shrug over your maxi dress or a pair of distressed jeans and crop top. This look perfectly recreates the theme of AIFW16 - #India Modern.

3. Go Quirky Formal

3. Black for summer Amrita-Thakur

Amrita Thakur

Pant suits have been trending for some time now. We’ve seen everyone from Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson to Kangana Ranaut and Lisa Haydon sport one. Pick a black pin-striped number in linen to keep cool and look chic at the same time.

4. Wear It Under Everything

4. Black for summer Junka,-buyer


Everyone owns a pair of black leggings. And why keep them away for summer? Pair them with your long kurtas or wear them under your really short shorts to make an avant-garde fash statement à la Miley Cyrus.

5. Use It As An Accent

5. Black for summer Naina Ruhail

Naina Ruhail

Black can simply be an accent on your clothes. There can be a line of black fabric running down the side of your pristine white pants, or there could be a hint of black on your bag or your head gear. And yes, just a hint is enough to up the chutzpah!

6. You CAN Go All Black

6. Black for summer Vaishali, Editor at Amazon Fashion


No, wearing all black during summer months isn’t a cardinal sin. In fact, if you’re really keen on wearing an all black outfit, you can thrown on a light white jacket. Not only will it protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, it will also minimise the effects of the heat trap that black is.

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