7 Ways To Style Your Leggings For A Not-So-Basic Look!

7 Ways To Style Your Leggings For A Not-So-Basic Look!
What is the one thing that almost every girl has in her closet? You’ve guessed it - it’s the good ol’ leggings! Come summer or winter, we find ourselves never getting enough of leggings...and for good reason! This versatile piece of clothing can provide a solution to all your outfit dilemmas. They’re super comfy and hug you like second skin without suffocating your legs. Team POPxo shows you how they like to style their leggings!

1. Play with hemlines

style leggings

Caroline D’Cruz, Assistant Editor

Playing with layers and different hemlines is every fashionista’s secret to setting trends. Caroline does exactly that and wears her opaque leggings under a skirt and an oversized cardigan. Her tan brogues seal the deal and make her look effortlessly chic!

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2. Cool casuals

style leggings

Neha Gupta, Lifestyle writer

If you’re wearing a loose oversized top, wearing pants might make your look a little too boxy. Leggings are perfect if you’re wearing a loose top as they balance out the outfit really well. Neha wears her legging with the cutest top and light blue plimsolls that are to die for!

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3. Play with colour

style leggings

Pradipta Sarkar, Associate Editor

Leggings come in a variety of different and delicious colours, so why just stick to black? Go for vibrant hues that work so well with Indian wear as well. Pradipta brings her beige kurta to life by pairing it with bright magenta leggings. Ain’t nobody got time for a dull day, right?

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4. Wear it with a long dress

style leggings

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

If you live in a place that’s cold most of the time, then don’t worry about not getting to wear your pretty dresses. Take cue from Kritika and pair your long dress with printed leggings. Make sure your dress has no prints and play up the details of the fabric.

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5. Add a burst of *pop*

style leggings

Avisha Chaudhary, Social Media Coordinator

A sure-shot way to wear monochrome outfits and not look too bland is by wearing statement shoes or adding that one accent that makes all the difference. Avisha teams her black leggings with a striped top and still keeps the look interesting by adding the bright pink wedges!

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6. Cuteness overload

style leggings

Cherry Jain,Video Coordinator

Nope, the leggings didn’t come this way! Cherry gives you some major inspiration on how to modify your old leggings and turn them into something really wacky and trendy. Pair it with the coziest oversized cardigan and flat boots. Now pass those scissors, will you?

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7. All black everything

style leggings

Manasvini Paul, Editorial Intern

We all have those days when we want to wear black head to toe. Manasvini channels the Catwoman look, but keeps it vibrant by wearing a gorgeous red muffler!

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