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9 Little Ways To Pamper Your Guy - Because He Deserves It Too!

9 Little Ways To Pamper Your Guy - Because He Deserves It Too!

Our guys do so much for us. Even if not all the time, every now and then, they go out of their way to pamper us and make us feel special. Whether it's the flowers, the chocolates or the candle light dinners - they do most of the planning and hard work. We may love them and even show them our love, but don’t you think they deserve to be indulged a little bit too? Here are some very simple and sweet ways to pamper your guy - because he deserves it too!

1. Have a no-complain week!

Yes, you heard us right, ladies! If you really want to pamper your man - don't complain. About anything! Even if you can’t last a week (most of us probably can’t :P), just try and complain as little as you can. It’ll make him feel great! Trust us.

2. Watch a match with him!

He watches all those rom-coms with you when you really want him to, right? So, now that it’s his turn to get pampered, watch that important match his favorite team is playing...with him! And even support and cheer for them for some extra brownie points. ;) pamper your guy

3. Make (or get) him something he loves to eat!

It doesn’t need to be something fancy! You don’t have to make an entire meal for him - just whip up something you know he’ll enjoy. Or pick up some of his favorite food the next time you’re at the grocery store. It is the effort that will make him feel special after all.

4. Give him a little bit of an ego boost…

Every guy needs an ego boost every now and then. And do not think that it is any less pampering than anything else! Telling him how good he is at something, or showing him that only he could have done what he just did, will make him feel absolutely great. And that’s the whole point, right? Respect is the highest form of love - so show your guy some love!
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5. How about a backrub?!

No matter how many times you may have got one, a good old backrub can never get tiring! It is the perfect way to de-stress at the end of a long day - especially when given by your partner! Make it a special experience for him by adding some scented candles and some soft music. ;)

6. Nothing like some sexy time!

Dress up for him in your sexiest outfit and indulge in some of his favorite things in bed! We don’t need to say any more, do we? pamper your guy

7. Praise him to the people who are important to him

Sometimes, just praising him to his parents or in front of his friends is all that is needed to make him feel really good inside. And trust us, you can never do enough of this. Obviously!

8. Get him something nice - just because…

Give him a recording of that series he’s been dying to watch, get him a book you know he’ll love to read. Just a small gesture to show how much you love and appreciate him - and, of course, to show that he’s always on your mind. pamper your guy

9. Sweet nothings…

Whether you want to say it, write it or just text him - tell him how much he truly means to you. Pen down your feelings and leave little sticky notes, or just hold his hand and tell him the next time you see him. Never underestimate the power of heartfelt words!
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Published on Mar 8, 2016
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