How To Make Your Mehendi Dark And Long-Lasting!

Priyanka Ghura

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A lot of girls dream about the day they can finally apply bridal mehendi on their arms and legs – there’s something just so stunning about it! After patiently sitting through the hours of application, obviously you would want it to come out as dark as possible. After all, they say the darker your mehendi is, the more your hubby loves you. Either way, every girl prays for it to turn out as dark and bold as possible, so we help ensure that it does. Read on for some fail-safe ways to make your mehendi dark and long-lasting.

ways to make your mehendi dark

Before The Mehendi:

  • Wash your hands and legs before the application. Do not apply any creams, oils or lotions - your skin should be completely dry.

  • Visit the loo. You don’t want to interrupt the flow of design. Plus, how are you supposed to use your hands without ruining the design?!

  • Choose a spot with great lighting so your mehendiwaalis can do their best work.

  • Finish your waxing and mani-pedi session beforehand as they can take off the upper layer of your skin, fading the mehendi.

  • Keep in mind that thicker strokes come out better and darker. Fine designs may look pretty when applied, but once the mehendi comes off they don’t look as striking.

How To Make Your Mehendi As Dark As Possible:

1. Get It Done In Advance

A day or two in advance is when you should apply your mehendi. Remember that it darkens overnight, so to get the best colour on D-Day, you should apply it 2 days before your wedding ceremony.

ways to make your mehendi dark

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2. The Age-Old Lemon Sugar Mixture

This is one remedy that women have been using for generations. It may seem like an old wives’ tale and nowadays they say that you needn’t do it, but lemon juice helps activate the dye in the henna and the sugar helps it stick to the skin.

3. Fumes Of Clove

This is another old technique - heat a few cloves on a tawa and run your hands over the fumes. The heat helps the henna penetrate the skin and leave behind a darker, truer colour that lasts longer.

ways to make your mehendi dark

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4. Wrap It Up

Once it is dry and ‘crisp’, you can try wrapping your hands and feet with cling film or even gloves and socks. This helps trap the heat and heat is the best thing to help darken the colour on your skin. Plus, it’s a good way to prevent a mess from the shedding.

5. Apply Balm After

Once you have scraped off the crust, apply a warming balm like Vicks, Tiger balm or eucalyptus oil to help darken it further overnight.

ways to make your mehendi dark

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6. Keep It Dark For Long

Try not to wash your hands and feet for 12 hours after your mehendi comes off to help the colour really set in. Staying away from water is the best way to keep your mehendi long-lasting - well into the honeymoon. Try not to get your hands wet often, get your hair washed at the parlour and remember that pool water and salty seawater can lighten and fade your mehendi easily so stay away.  

A Few Don’ts:

  • Don’t apply mehendi under direct sunlight.

  • Don’t try and dry it with a hair dryer or anything else. Allow it to dry on its own so it can penetrate the skin better.

  • Don’t over-use the lemon and sugar mixture.

  • Don’t shake your hands and feet to try and dry it quick as that can ruin intricate designs and cause the henna to bleed.

Image source: Shutterstock
Published on Mar 29, 2016
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