10 Tips From A Pro Photographer For The Perfect Wedding Pics!

10 Tips From A Pro Photographer For The Perfect Wedding Pics!
Don’t you love beautifully shot wedding photos when they pop up on your newsfeed? The gorgeous brides, charming grooms, happy faces of the family members and the stunning photos make us wish we were getting married - just for the photos! We spoke to Morvi Kumari of Morvi.Images - one of the most in-demand wedding photographers in India - on the foolproof ways to get the best wedding photos. Read on!

1. The best time to plan a pre-wedding shoot

“…Really depends on the client’s vision. If you want something elaborate - a location shoot with props and specially-made clothes - you need a lot more time. If you want a simple shoot with just the couple, even a week is enough to plan it. I would say, on an average, a month for the planning and execution is sufficient,” says Morvi. Provided the photographer is free on your dates!   

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2. The best way to plan - over coffee!

“The closer your rapport with the photographer, the better the photos,” says Morvi. So meet over a cup of coffee - or a similar informal setting - and get to know one another. “It’s over these conversations that an idea slowly gets frozen. Some brides have very specific visions, some leave it up to the photographer - both work! Also, the photographer is the one person who will be with you every step of the way, throughout your wedding day. So don’t think of them as a vendor, but a friend.”

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3. “Can you make me look slim?”

This is one of the most commonly asked question of wedding photographers! “There are some angles which are flattering, so I use those of course. But I believe that all brides are beautiful! So my advice to them is to enjoy the shoot. The happier and more relaxed you feel, the better your photographs will look. If you’re stressed or worried about the end result, that will also show up in the photographs, unfortunately,” according to Morvi.

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4. Photographs make the best references

“It’s a visual medium, so a visual reference is the best, especially if you know what the shoot should look like.” Based on that, the photographer can help you narrow down on costumes, locations, props and colour palette.

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5. Know the photographer’s style

“Don’t just look at their work on social media but the actual portfolio. Only then will you know if your sensibilities match.” Candid, traditional - these are just names at the end of the day. “I call my style photojournalism. I want to give timeless, yet beautiful photographs to all my brides - something they can show to their children without it looking dated.”

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6. Budget it out

There are photographers across the budget range and “there’s no one appropriate budget. If you like the photographer’s style, have a good rapport with them - this is very important! - and they are willing to work within your budget, that is the perfect choice for you,” explains Morvi.

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7. Give the photographer a tour of the wedding venue

“If you can take us through the flow of events - the place from where the bride will enter, where the jaimala will happen and the pheras will take place - it really helps. Indian weddings are controlled chaos and this will help avoid situations where the photographer misses the bride’s entry, for example!” says Morvi.

Explain the intricacies of the wedding ceremony so that the photographer can capture even the little details. “Including the head count and size of the venue since I’ll know how many people to bring and what kind of equipment I’ll need.”

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8. Share photos of family members

“So we know whom to keep in our frames.”

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9. Traditional vs candid

Both have their plus points. Candid gives you intimate, close up shots along with fun family photos. A traditional style will also capture the guests who come to meet you and the stage pics, including full frontal shots. “If you can, hire a team that can do both. There’s a lot of equipment that photographers bring - cameras, wires, lights - and the two teams might otherwise be in each other’s way,” explains Morvi.   

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10. Give your photographer an uninterrupted 20 minutes on your wedding day

It’s a super busy day where the bride and groom are surrounded by family and friends. But make space for the photographer too for those cute and romantic couple portraits in your stunning wedding finery.

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Images courtesy: Morvi.Images

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