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The ONLY Tips You Need To Pick The Most Flattering Neckline!

The ONLY Tips You Need To Pick The Most Flattering Neckline!
You’ve got a ton of clothes, but are still confused about what to wear because nothing seems to look quite right? Maybe it is because you confused about the right neckline choice. But worry not, here is all the help you need for picking the right one!

1. Consider your height

Heels are not the only way to appear taller than you actually are. The right neckline can do it too.  Elongated necklines can easily create the illusion of height by drawing the eye vertically. So if you are the petite type, V-necks are a wardrobe staple! Which is why at a mere 5”1’, Ashley Olsen can still look larger-than-life. Also read: Yes, You CAN Look Tall In Flats! (7 Simple Tricks!) neckline for your body Or Rani Mukherjee at 5’3” in the V-neck dominated casual ensemble here:
neckline for your body Image: Rani Mukherji on Instagram

2. Watch out for your ladies

Every girl wants to show off her cleavage. But nobody wants to feel like she’s on the brink of a wardrobe malfunction. As a thumb rule, it is always wise to be careful with low necklines, because they can easily go wrong, especially if you have a big bust. However, this never in the slightest mean you should run away from low necklines! The right kind has the ability to pull the perfect balancing act. Like this: neckline for your body Personally, I’m no fan of sweetheart necklines, but even I have to admit that Katy Perry pulls this one off wonderfully! Also read: Which Necklace With What Neckline? The Simple Guide!   Careful, though, because low necklines can also easily go wrong, like Kim Kadarshian illustrates here... neckline for your body Image: Kim Kadarshian on Instagram Sure Katy is a D and Kim is a G cup, but neither needs to be a problem if you just employ the right strategy. You don’t want to reveal too much too soon! Be thrifty and thoughtful: Kim has also often employed a plunging neckline to her advantage, without looking shockingly scandalous... Also read: 7 Ways To Show Cleavage Without Looking “Scandalous”! neckline for your body Image: Kim Kadarshian on Instagram

3. Don’t be ET

Howsoever endearing ET might have been, you know you don’t want to look like you have its neck.
neckline for your body Yeah, you know what I mean. Move up your neckline if you have got a long neck, please. Or it just looks awkward. Like your neck is suspended on a spring. That being said, some of the most awesome people have long necks and know how to dress for it. Take Emma Watson, for example. neckline for your body Miss Watson is a beautifully consistent illustrator of how high necklines gel well with long necks, whether it is a high round neck, like above, or a halter neck as below neckline for your body Or a high boat... neckline for your body Also read: 9 Stunning Necklines For Your Sari Blouses!

4. Proportions matter

Size may not always matter, but proportions almost always do. That’s why as Ross once famously explained, you don’t see humans having sex with dinosaurs. Similarly, proportions do make a difference with necklines. neckline for your body Low square necklines, for instance, have a tendency to draw attention to the bust, and it is awesome if that is what you are aiming for. However, they do not carry well with a butt already heavily emphasized with sheer and tight draping, whatever Nicki Minaj wants you to believe. There is too much going on in this outfit and your eye simply does not know where to look - the breasts or the behind. Anacondas, after all, do need some direction and this simply comes off too strong in too many regions - a lack of proportion. With a similar body type, Oprah on the other hand, could offer a master class in proportion.
neckline for your body Also read: #NotSoSkinny: 6 Celebs Show Us How To Rock Our Curves! The lesson is simple: if you want to look tasteful while wearing a revealing neckline, keeping an eye on proportions in other areas is a must!

5. Cinderella did not go punk to the ball

Like proportion, context matters as well. This tube neckline looks absolutely stunning on Malaika Arora, of course, and is a great steal-worthy idea. But you also don’t want to wear it to work, unless maybe you work in fashion… neckline for your body Image: Malaika Arora on Instagram What neckline looks flattering on you will almost always depend on the context you are wearing it in. There is a reason why even celebs don’t wear red carpet gowns on streets. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and comfortable with your body, you can pull anything off. Choosing the right neckline is only one way of achieving it. Whatever you wear, your confidence eventually trumps everything! Images: Shutterstock, Instagram HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!