How To Do Long Distance - 7 Things To Keep In Mind!

How To Do Long Distance - 7 Things To Keep In Mind!
Be it getting into different universities, getting a job in a different city or frequent travelling - the go-getters that we are makes parting with our significant other almost inevitable. Just like you learn to ride a bike (amongst other things), long distance is something you'll need to learn for that time when you and your partner are separated.

1. Do You Really Want To?

Make sure you are really committed to the person you're with and long distance is something you're ready to do. It has a few perks - like a lot of free time on your hands to pursue your own hobbies or chill with your girls, and of course, remaining very independent. But these pros could sometimes be outweighed by the cons - like being away from your partner for long stretches of time!

2. Trust Is A Must

Life goes on, no matter what city you're in. You are going to meet charming men, and your guy is going to meet some sassy women too. These charming and sassy folk might become good friends of yours and his. It is imperative that any green demons are kept at bay. This is actually a stepping stone in every relationship. If you can deal with your jealousy (if any) and have enough confidence in yourself, then this huge chunk of your relationship is sorted.

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3. How Often Can You Meet Him?

Do you have enough saved up to meet your guy every other month and surprise him at times? Or do you barely scrape by with enough to meet him twice a year?

Is he able to turn up and spend time with you on his finances? Are you happy with your arrangement? If not, it might be time to reevaluate your priorities.

4. Support Yourself

Make your family and friends understand how tough this period is for you. Spend time with them and keep yourself busy. It may seem tough now, to be without someone you’re used to having around - but trust us, it does get better!

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5. Don't Formalise It...

Don't plan too much when it comes to calling or Skype. That's a lot of pressure on both of you. Instead just Whatsapp, call or Skype whenever you feel like or when you’re free - even if for a minute. Don’t turn keeping in touch with each other into an obligation. Rather, let it be what it really is - something that makes both of you happy!

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6. Keep It Fun

Postcards are the number #1 tip here. Whether you send them from a new city or from your colony ka post office, they are capable of reducing distances by leaps & bounds. You could send one for anniversaries, make a continuous set for him to collect, send a memorable quote or poetry - and all at a fraction of a cost! You may be away from each other, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry on doing small, sweet things for one another. Keep it fun and interesting, always!

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7. No Hard Feelings

If you decide that long distance isn't your thing, don't blame yourself. Make sure to keep the split respectable, of course. Who knows what the future holds. You never know who you might meet in this new world of yours - and similarly he might meet someone else too. Be open to the idea and don’t beat yourself up about not being able to handle long distance.

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