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13 Awkward Moments When We ALL Miss Our Besties!

13 Awkward Moments When We ALL Miss Our Besties!

“Maybe our best friends are our soulmates…” MAYBE? They’re definitely our soulmates! And there are moments in life when your bestie is in a different city, travelling, or just doesn’t have signal, and you really really miss her! Here are some totally weird situations you might find yourselves in then, which you wish you didn’t have to face alone!

1. That moment when you make a joke and no one gets it.

Only your bestie shares your sense of humour - she would have been laughing like a manic right now.

2. That moment when you go to your favorite hangout and the staff asks you where your friend is.

It’s like they think you guys are a packaged deal. Which you obviously are. Oh well!

3. That moment when your boyfriend ISN’T being a jerk but you’re still annoyed with him and can’t figure out why.

All the emotions can only be understood by your best friend, and only she can tell you why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. times you miss your best friend

4. That moment when you say something really embarrassing and have no clue what to do

It’s like you just keep digging your own grave if she isn’t next to you to physically shut you up.

5. That moment when the guy you like texts you, but you don’t know what to reply!

The option of typing a legible reply goes out of the window if your bestie isn’t dictating it.

6. That moment when you’re super-doubting an outfit...

She would tell you in a second if it’s a yay or nay!
times you miss your best friend

7. That moment when you ask someone to click a picture of you and it’s TERRIBLE!

They just don’t know your angles like you bestie does!

8. That moment when you see 20 missed calls from your mom!

It’s the most terrifying moment of your life and you NEED your bestie to help you formulate a plan.

9. That moment when your favorite movie is playing on the television!

Only she could recite all the dialogues along with you. times you miss your best friend

10. That moment when you see something that would be perfect at your far-in-the-future wedding.

Because she’s the only one who wouldn’t think you’re insane for gushing over monogrammed vases. Banner Pink

11. That moment when you’re PSM-ing and basically hate everything and everyone.

The only exception being your bestie of course!

12. That moment when your period is late, even by a day!

WHO else would share that insane panic with you?! For 24 long hours?! times you miss your best friend

13. That moment when you bump into your ex and he’s with another girl.

She’s the one who gives you the confidence to flip your hair and walk away - without even using any words!
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Published on Mar 20, 2016
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