7 Things You’ll Only Get If Your Boyfriend Has An Older Sister!

7 Things You’ll Only Get If Your Boyfriend Has An Older Sister!
Sibling relationships are a great thing  and having a sibling seriously affects the kind of person you grow up to be. And there are actually some things guys learn from their older sisters that come in quite handy when they enter a relationship. Here are a few things you'll get if your boyfriend has an older sister!

1. He doesn't get freaked out by "girly" things.

If you ever ask him to go buy a packet of Whisper Ultra from the medical store for you, he isn't going to run away screaming or get freaked out. He's used to all of this, and he know it's a natural thing.

2. You know that chivalry is NOT dead.

Since he was a kid, his sister has probably taught him some basic manners that all boys should have. But she hasn't just taught them once, she has ingrained them into his system so that they are a part of who he is.

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3. He has the utmost respect for women. ALL women.

It's not only his respect for you but even for women he's never encountered that impresses you to no end. Offering his seat to strangers, holding the door open for them, helping them out when they seem in distress… It all makes you love him a little bit more.

guys with sisters

4. You feel very protected in his presence.

Looking behind to check if you're okay, waiting to see you enter the building… These are just some of the little things he has picked up on while growing up with a sister, older or younger!

guys with sisters

5. You don't worry about tearing up in front of him.

You know that there are guys who start scrambling and bumbling as soon as there's a waterfall of tears from your end. Well, he's not one of them. He knows what girls need when they cry and he knows how to handle the absurdity of the reason behind the tears sometimes as well.

6. He gets your quirks.

From that shoe obsession to those random chocolate cravings, he knows you come with your own set of quirks and he takes them in his stride. Nothing can make him question your sanity… Well, at least not aloud.

guys with sisters

7. He's a SUPER boyfriend.

From knowing what to buy you for your birthday to knowing what to say when you're upset, he seriously knows it all. And we all know why! He has his older sister as an advisor after all. And sister knows best! ;)

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