The ONLY Checklist You Need For Your Sister’s Wedding!

The ONLY Checklist You Need For Your Sister’s Wedding!
A sister is indispensable to a bride. From checking on the makeup guys to calming nerves - a sister is the bride’s ultimate micro-manager, assistant and shrink - all rolled into one. Here’s the ultimate checklist for every sister to make life easy for the bride!

1. You are the bride’s greatest ally

Your responsibility begins with becoming a soldier in your sister’s army whenever there is a difference with the family. Be it fighting for the choice of groom or the venue - sister dearest is always the first one on Team Bride.

checklist for your sister’s wedding

2. Throwing the bachelorette

After the bestie, it is your job to throw the ultimate, fun bachelorette party for the bride. After all, you know the bride and all her friends best. It should be a cakewalk to surprise and please your sis!

3. Making sure the wedding trousseau is ready and organized

How else will the bride find her special lace lingerie for her first night? You need to have a hand in the packing of all her clothes, jewellery, makeup and accessories; arrange them day-wise; know which bag goes to what venue and what comes back. Pro tip: just take notes on your phone!

4. Limiting her own invitees to the wedding for the larger cause

It’s the bride’s day and a sister knows that she can’t crowd it with her own peeps no matter how much fun it would be for her. Yes, it’s a major sacrifice (you had planned an elaborate dance routine with your friends for the sangeet!) but think of it as a small casualty to budget cuts.

5. Organising the sangeet rehearsals and choreography

Sangeet is serious business and sisters often become default choreographers and organisers in addition to their other duties. Your task begins from launching the sangeet practice WhatsApp groups, to finding the perfect choreographer and coordinating everyone’s schedule and songs for the practice! Plus, you’re pretty much the production crew for the entire sangeet.

checklist for your sister’s wedding

6. Being on standby for the bride during mehendi

Brides get thirsty because of all the stress and sometimes they have to take care of other ‘business’ as well. You’re supposed to wait on her hand and foot (literally!) A sister keeps the bride from smearing mehendi everywhere by spoonfeeding, holding a straw to her lips and making sure that the bride is comfortable, no matter the ‘throne’!

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7. Or any other time, really

A sister is always on standby mode for the bride, no matter how busy she herself is. From lipstick touch up, to gift receiver, jaimala thali holder and sneaking in bites of food and ‘drink’, you can never stray very far from the bride.

8. Helping the bride get ready

No matter how many people are already helping the bride, it is the sister who is elbows-deep into the business of getting the bride ready for the pheras. You have to make the parlour appointment, arrange the transport, carry her joda around, and be on hand to provide styling input when needed. Your sister is transforming into a bride - where else would you rather be?

9. Micromanaging and multi-tasking

Why is the make-up person not here yet? Why is the blouse not fitting? These are the kind of questions that will pop up and a sister has to think on her feet way to resolve all these mini-crises!

10. Taking care of the baraatis

From being the evil mastermind behind joota chupai to acting as host to ladkewalas and other guests, a sister is absolutely one of the hosts at the wedding.

checklist for your sister’s wedding

11. Crowd management

Who will take care of tipsy unclejis stumbling on the dance floor? Who will herd the naughty cousins running helter skelter away from the bar? The bride’s sister, of course.

12. Being the voice of reason

A wedding is a practice in crisis management and the sister has to be the ultimate voice of reason. When the bride freaks out, it’s you who will help calm the nerves and help her focus on the big picture. If she’s smiling through the ceremonies and photos, job well done!

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