7 Things You’ll Get If You Just Can’t Wait To Marry Your Fiance!

7 Things You’ll Get If You Just Can’t Wait To Marry Your Fiance!
You’ve been engaged for a while or a bit, and now you just cannot wait to get married. You love your fiance and you want your lives together to start - pronto! If you're dying of anticipation, here are a few things you will totally get.

1. You are constantly daydreaming about your honeymoon!

First (official) holiday with the love of your life?! Obviously you’re excited! You can’t stop thinking about all the fun you’re going to have together. All the adventures, the romantic dinners, and of course, the amazing sex!

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2. You can’t wait to have a roommate for life

What is all this stuff people keep saying about enjoying your own space and bedroom before you get married? You don’t get it, because you’re so excited by the thought of sharing a room with someone you get to call your own - forever!

3. Time could not be passing by any slower…

Time is not ‘flying’ for you as everyone keeps saying who finds out that you’re getting married. In fact, time could not be going by any slower. You wish you had a time machine - but not to go back, just so that you can fast forward!


4. You’re not scared of being a part of a whole new family

...You’re super excited! You love your fiance’s family and they love you. So what’s to be scared of?

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5. You can’t stop dreaming about the cute little babies the two of you will have!

Yes, it’s true! You can’t help but think about the adorable babies the two of you will have and the kind of parents you will make! You even have baby names chalked out - and secretly hope that he likes them too!

6. You’ve even thought about how you want to redo your future home!

Pretty colour combinations, small little artifacts you can decorate your room with, and plenty of other home decor ideas are always going through your head! After all, it’s going to be your home too - gotta personalise it!

can't wait to get married 6

7. You’re really looking forward to the wedding!

All the pretty clothes, partying and a bunch of happy people, all of whom are very close and dear to you. Of course you’re looking forward to the wedding celebrations. But mostly because it’s a celebration of the love you share with your fiance - who just happens to be your soulmate and best friend for life!

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