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13 Things You Stop Doing When You’ve Been With Him A Long Time!

13 Things You Stop Doing When You’ve Been With Him A Long Time!
When you’ve been with one guy for long, you definitely start losing your inhibitions and start being more yourself around him. Here are a few things all girls do - or rather, stop doing - when they’ve been with the same guy for a long time!

1. You stop dolling up every time he’s coming over!

Because you’re so damn comfortable around him… And besides, he loves you just the way you are!

2. You stop acting like the “chill girl” all the time!

You don’t feel the need to put on an “I don’t care. I’m cool with everything” act anymore. If he’s being silly, you let him know!

been with one guy for long

3. Your life becomes an open book in front of him - including all the drama!

So, there is drama in your life, just like everyone else’s - but you don’t feel like you need to hide it from your boyfriend anymore. Your life is an open book to him - including all the ridiculous fights you have with your besties and family!

4. Chilling with him in your PJs is a lot more fun than going out drinking sometimes - and you let him know!

Not like earlier times when you had to pretend to want to go out just to indulge him!

been with one guy for long

5. You do not really feel the need to conceal your mood swings anymore!

Yes, poor him - but at least you’re being real!

6. Sexy lingerie…kinda goes for a toss

Well, of course you do make an effort to look hot for him, but you also know that he’ll love you even in your granny panties! And so, you make good use of them. After all, he would want you to be comfortable too, no? :P

been with one guy for long

7. You stop obsessing about that pimple you wake up with right before date night!

He knows and loves you for more than your pretty face, so it’s all good!

8. You also don’t care as much about, umm, farting in front of him…

Or other bodily processes. It’s all natural, yo! He does it too!

been with one guy for long

9. You absolutely stop pretending that you loooove all his friends…

Because, let’s be honest… You don’t!

10. Or that watching his favorite team play against their rival team is your favorite thing to do!

Because no football match was ever as exciting as watching your favorite movie together!

been with one guy for long

11. You stop acting like you’re this super dainty girl who barely eats!

Remember all those initial few dates where you were so conscious about what and how much you were eating?! Well, not anymore!

12. You also stop behaving like you were just born hairless!

Yes, you have hair on your body and you wax it. He knows… Because, now, you sometimes forget to wax on time too! And he doesn’t mind. :P

been with one guy for long

13. You stop being overly polite when he’s going wrong…

You love him and you tell it like it is as far as he’s concerned. You don’t want to hurt his feelings, but you know that sugarcoating things will get neither of you anywhere. You only want what’s best for him, and he knows that!

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