You Know You’re From Bangalore When...

You Know You’re From Bangalore When...
Love to laze, listen to awesome music, and have a laidback view of life even as you live in a metro city? You must be from Bangalore! Here are 11 things all Bangaloreans will relate to...

1. Your day doesn’t begin without filter coffee

You wake up to the smell of filter coffee and the taste of idli vada from your local bhavan…YUM!!

living in bangalore

2. And when you step out, all the roads around you are dug up...

No matter where you go, every lane you turn into seems to be permanently “under construction”... Where are you gonna drive, maaga?!

3. Koramangala is where you go to meet your friends...

Be it either Forum, Coffee on Canvas, or Hole in the Wall - Koramangala is where you love to hang out and relax… Because what is cooler than a lazy day with your BFFs?!

living in bangalore

4. No auto guy has EVER agreed to go anywhere you want

You said you wanted to go to Whitefield? Or Brigade Road… Well, it doesn’t matter, because *EVERY* rick driver has only one answer: “Illa ma…

5. You NEVER make late evening plans because everything shuts at 11

Wanna chill with friends after work? Can’t happen, because everything is just closed!!

living in bangalore

6. Every other person you know is a software engineer

Be it in Whitefield, Domlur, ITPL, Manyata, Bellandur - most of your friends are probably software engineers, and maybe so are you! No wonder Bangalore is called the IT capital of India. Go geek power!

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7. You have breathtaking vacation spots to travel to every long weekend…

Be it coffee in Coorg, trekking in Chikmagalur, beaches in Pondicherry, or just an early morning ride to Nandi Hills - you never run out of places to escape to every time you have that extra day off.

living in bangalore

8. You have shopped online for everyday items at least once or more

Going to the supermarket to buy groceries is so yesterday when you have BigBasket! Or just order in at Zomato! Missing ghar ka khana? Don’t worry, we bet there is an app for that too. And of course, if you haven’t ordered from our very own home-grown service, Flipkart, you have not really lived in Bangalore!

9. You love to party, but you also always stand up for the right thing…

How much ever you love shopping and partying, you also strongly believe in giving back to the community. You know about the awesome Ugly Indian campaign, and you’ve thought of taking to the streets at least once to clean them up or to protest...whether for women’s safety, bus fares, racism, LGBT rights, or just for the city to remain open after 11! Can anyone really care about causes deeper than a Bangalorean?!

living in bangalore

10. Sigh! The traffic is driving you just crazy!

Commuting to work is THE thing you dread when you wake up every morning. Because Jesus! Have you SEEN the traffic at Silk Board?!

11. But it’s all okay, because you have amazing weather all year round!

… And that makes up for all the little inconveniences of the city - because at the end of the day, that’s why you love being a Bangalorean!

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