7 Things You Should Never Be Embarrassed About Sharing With Him

7 Things You Should Never Be Embarrassed About Sharing With Him
When you decide to be with someone for the long haul, know that slowly but surely, there will be things about you and your life that they will know. Whether it’s things you’re slightly embarrassed to talk about or afraid to bring up, just know that the right man will never judge you for any of it! So here are some things you shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to share if he's the one for you!

1. Your natural appearance…

When you’re in a relationship with a person, he ought to love you for who you truly are - inside and out. You’re beautiful in every way, and someone who doesn’t recognise that isn’t worthy of being with you in the first place.

2. Your family issues…

What family doesn’t have problems?! Each group of people have their own individual problems and issues that they deal with on a daily basis. If you’re planning to be with someone for the long-run, don’t hide this stuff from him. After all, if this stuff is going to affect you, sooner or later it will affect him too.

things you should not hide in a relationship

3. Your sexual fantasies!

Yes, it’s not just serious stuff you need to discuss and share with him - if the two of you plan to be together for long, shouldn’t he also know how to please you in bed?! As should you know about what works for him. ;)

4. Your true feelings about someone in his life…

You don’t have to be rude or mean about it - but if there is someone in his life that you really don’t like hanging out with, or someone who makes you uncomfortable, address it. He may not be entirely happy about it, but it isn’t fair to you either to go on having to deal with someone who isn’t all that nice to you.

things you should not hide in a relationship

5. How much you like to eat!

Seriously, believe it or not, food is an integral part of most of our lives! I mean, we girls do love our food. So don’t be shy about eating to your heart's content even in front of him. After all, if he is the one, he better get used to and in fact love your love for food!

6. Your expectations of the relationship…

Don’t try and portray yourself as that super chilled out girl who has no expectations - if you’re not actually that girl. It will only backfire when you’re finally ready to open up about the things that you want, and he doesn’t even have an idea that you’ve thought about these things. So be open about your expectations and where you see this relationship going.

things you should not hide in a relationship

7. Your successes and failures!

Whether you’re more successful, less successful or equally as successful as your partner, that shouldn’t affect your relationship adversely. Neither of you should put each other down if one is less successful, be jealous if the other is more successful, or compete if you’re both equally successful. You’re in a relationship and you’re partners. Be happy for each other and pull each other up when needed. So don’t hide your successes or failures from your partner!

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