things you need to stop obsessing about in a relationship

8 Things Girls Needs To Stop Obsessing About In A Relationship

Sakshi Budhraja

Junior Beauty Editor

Let’s face it - girls and boys are wired differently, and so, there are certain things that will always cause tension between the two. But believe it or not, girls, there are some foolproof ways to waltz through your love life, with fewer hurdles than ever before. Here’s a list of things we need to chill out about in a relationship…

1. He needs space...

Giving each other some space is always a good idea. If at some point your man tells you that he needs some ‘me time’, allow him to be on his own. He will be back with you in no time and that will be a refreshed person you get to hang out with.

2. He wants to party with his friends

Don’t get worried if he says he wants to party without you. Remember, this is okay once in awhile. It’s in fact healthy that he feels free enough to say it point blank. Besides, this will keep both his and your individuality intact. Next time plan your girls’ night on the same night as his party. (They’re SO much fun!)

things you need to stop obsessing about in a relationship

3. He misses the customary good night message

Your world comes crashing down and all sorts of doubts start to set in when he hits the sack without saying good night! That’s only human, ladies. And your relationship doesn’t depend on exchanging pleasantries anyway.

4. His bestie is a girl!

We tend to think of every other girl around him as competition. However, that shouldn’t be the case. A boy can have a girl best friend, and you should be least threatened by her. Keep faith, girls.

things you need to stop obsessing about in a relationship

5. He’s a workaholic

You’d rather have a hard working boyfriend, than one who does nothing at all! Always keep in mind that this is probably the time he needs to focus on his career, as do you. Him spending more time in office than with you shouldn’t be a cause of concern at all.

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6. He doesn’t even mention marriage

Now that’s a tricky one! Marriage plans not cropping up in any of your conversations is worrisome. We say – don’t jump on it too soon, and don’t take too long either. When you feel the time is right, talk about it in a logical manner instead of going on wondering why he hasn’t brought it up. Talking this one out will help.

things you need to stop obsessing about in a relationship

7. He didn’t notice your new haircut!

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore or that he isn’t interested in how you look. It’s probably one of those times when he hasn’t been attentive enough. The appropriate thing to do is to ask him what he thinks of your new hairstyle - and he’ll definitely shower you with all the compliments you want!

8. He doesn’t allow you to go through his phone

This doesn’t mean he’s hiding something from you. A phone is personal, at the end of the day. If you have a certain doubt in your mind, confront him. But rummaging through his personal messages and call logs isn’t the right approach.

things you need to stop obsessing about in a relationship

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Published on Mar 18, 2016
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