9 Everyday Things Women Wish They Didn’t Have To Worry About!

9 Everyday Things Women Wish They Didn’t Have To Worry About!
Being a woman is no easy job. And no, we don’t just mean it in the biological way - where we’re expected to populate the world with more humans. These “major” responsibilities aside, we’re also expected to do a bunch of things daily that we really could do without. Here are 9 things all women wish they didn’t have to worry about!

1. “Oops! Is my panty line showing?”

It’s not just our clothes that have to be “proper”, but our undergarments too. These lacy babies are not allowed to misbehave and peek even slightly out of their place - or worse, actually make visible lines! ‘Coz that’s like a major fashion AND etiquette blunder we can’t commit!

2. “… But they might think I am a total b**ch if I react aggressively!”

We hesitate before putting our foot down and being assertive with people around us because of the “bitch” label it would inevitably get us. How we wish we could speak our minds and react the way we deem fit, giving zero f*cks about what the world thinks about it.

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3. “OMG! Would he take that as a signal?”

‘Coz we’ve been blamed of encouraging a guy by simply being a “bit too friendly” and polite with him. If that’s all it takes for a man to believe that we’re into him, then no wonder we constantly have to worry about giving the wrong signal!

4. “Uff! Chipped nails, again!”

‘Coz chipped nails are signs of an unkempt woman, who doesn’t spend time on grooming herself and looking presentable. Yeah, right!

things women worry about

5. “He wouldn’t have noticed the sanitary pad in my purse, would he?”

‘Coz the buying and selling (or even acknowledging the fact of using them) of sanitary napkins and tampons has to be done in complete secrecy - away from the male gaze. Men must be saved from the reality of our menstrual cycles at all costs - and so, we worry about “shamelessly” revealing anything to do with our periods in front of them!

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6. “Can’t wear that sleeveless top today - I am not waxed!”

Because people raise eyebrows when you are your naturally hairy self. And, well, nobody likes to be stared at, or worse, be told that their parlour visit is due!

things women worry about

7. “If I speak about women’s rights and equality now, they’d only think of it as a feminist rant!”

And feminism is SUCH a bad word. A word that just spells trouble. And nobody likes trouble, right? So we worry about coming across as a feminist - when all we are really asking for is a better world where people across all genders are treated equally, as they were born to be.

8. “Shit, I am so late today. Should have left from work early - just last week this girl got kidnapped…”

We’re so scared for ourselves, always worrying about our own safety. And those many warnings that our parents, relatives, and neighbours give us blare like sirens in our heads - making us worry even further.

things women worry about

9. “To eat or not to eat?”

We are ever-so-conscious of the weight we’ll put on. It’s like we’re in a constant fight with ourselves - always starting with a single bite and hoping that it will take care of our craving! Oh, if only we weren’t “supposed” to be skinny and perfect all the time!

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