Relationship Talk: 7 Things To Know If You’re In A Confused Place

Relationship Talk: 7 Things To Know If You’re In A Confused Place
We all have confusions in life… Sometimes, it’s got to do with our relationships. “Is he right for me?” “He’s great, but what if I find someone better?” “Do we really have a future?” “Will my parents like him?” No matter what the question, there is always a solution - you just need to be patient. Here are a few things to remember if you’re in a confused place in your relationship.

1. What are you confused about?

Be clear about this - first and foremost. Often in relationships, we get so consumed and carried away by what we’re feeling that clarity about the situation becomes the hardest thing to achieve. Are you confused about the person you’re with? Are you unsure about whether or not you have a future together? Is the timing not right? Are you too different as individuals to be happy together? Is the issue that your family may not approve? Whatever it may be, make sure that you know where your confusion lies and why. You will only be able to solve it once you know.

2. It’s okay not to know…

Every stage in your life will come with its share of confusions. It’s alright! Don’t stress about it more than you should. You will know what is best for you in good time. So just relax and don’t think about it every minute of every day. Keep calm!

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3. It can go either way… And that’s all right too

Whether you come out of your confusion stronger and wanting to stick to your relationship or you decide to part ways with your partner, it’s all right. If you’ve done your share of thinking and have decided on what’s best for you and your partner, then don’t feel bad or sorry. Everything happens for a reason. And you will be much more at peace out of your confusion than in it!

4. Talk about...everything

When you’re in a space of confusion and indecisiveness, you especially need to discuss things with your partner. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is also something that will help you both gain a clearer perspective. Discuss your issues and what’s going on in your mind. Even the things you think are impossible to bring up or things you think might hurt him. Be fair to yourself and to him by opening up and letting him know what’s going on.

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5. Trust your gut…

The best thing to do, of course, is to trust your gut instinct and go with it. It may be right or it may even be wrong - but at least you will always know that you followed your heart. Don’t let the opinions of others drown that little voice in your head, which will always tell you what to do.

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6. Try and think about the positives…

And focus on the present as much as you can. Does he make you happy? Does he treat you well? Is he someone who you know will love you forever? If the issues surpass the good things, then of course you need to take your time and think. But don’t let small issues that you can actually work on ruin your relationship. Confusion is not bad, as it can actually help you arrive at your clearest decisions at times - but unnecessary indecisiveness can also ruin something great.

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7. Don’t make a decision in haste!

Trusting your gut is great, but sometimes in life, it is important to be practical too. Take your time. Give yourself time to breathe and actually think about what’s going on. What are you confused about - and what has led to this confusion? You don’t want to make a decision you might grow to regret. So resort to some introspection and think about what you want before you move forward.

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