7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Your Sangeet Outfit

7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Your Sangeet Outfit
I spent sooo much time in research for my sangeet outfit. Even more than the bridal joda! Sangeet is your night of stardom. It’s when you’re up there on the stage, dancing, having a good time with your friends, popping the champagne, stealing romantic moments with your hubby-to-be, posing for endless pictures and just having a crazy crazy time before the wedding. So before you begin choosing your sangeet outfit, here are a few absolutely important things that you must keep in mind.

1. Comfort is the key

Sangeet ceremonies usually stretch into the wee hours of the night and unlike the wedding, where you are mainly sitting, this function will be buzzing with activity. Make sure your lehenga waist strap is not too tight and you are able to breathe in that blouse! Opt for skin friendly and weather-appropriate fabrics. Do pay attention to the sequin work that can cause rashes or itchiness when worn for long hours.

choosing your sangeet outfit

2. Kitne kilo ka hai?!

Keep your sangeet outfit lightweight so you can freely twirl, move around and shake a leg with your friends. Imagine having to get onto the stage with your sister helping you with the lehenga. Or not being able to twirl gracefully ’cause that thing weighs a bomb! Your focus today should be on dancing and a heavy outfit will totally restrict you.

3. Revealing much?

Well that’s a personal choice but be very sure about how revealing your sangeet outfit should be. I wore a short crop style blouse for my sangeet and throughout my dance sequence I was worried that If I put my arms up, it might pull it up more than appropriate. Dancing involves a lot of bending too so you must be careful about how deep you want your neckline. Be sure of what you’re getting made and whether or not you can carry it off.

choosing your sangeet outfit

4. High heels te nache

It's okay if you want to wear heels on your sangeet night but in all probability, you’ll want to change into flats or juttis after the first few hours. Keep ready a spare pair of flats that go well with your outfit beforehand. In my case, I had my lehenga stitched keeping my 5 inch heels in mind and later when I changed into juttis, the lehenga swept the entire floor and I was scared of tripping. So, make sure your skirt length is somewhere in between so you can carry it off with ease in a pair of heels as well as flats.

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5. Colour coordinate it

Most couples coordinate their wedding day outfits and you could consider doing the same for the sangeet as well. It’ll look so pretty in pictures and also during the much-awaited couple dance. Figure out with your partner the colours of his outfit and try looking for something in the same shade.

choosing your sangeet outfit

6. Embroidery that tangles!

We’ve all been through it right?! Dupatta getting stuck to the sequins on the lehenga and the embroidery on the sleeves getting tangled with that on the dupatta repeatedly. Avoid it! When you’re trying out different outfits, wear them for a while, move around, try the dupatta in various styles to make sure the embroidery and sequins are not getting stuck to the delicate fabric. Besides being highly annoying, it can also ruin your outfit with the sequins falling off or the cloth tearing in parts.

7. Innerwear can make all the difference

Opting for a backless blouse? Let us warn you that silicone cups are super uncomfortable and unreliable. And it’s better to avoid those tacky transparent straps too. Go in for stitched-in bra cups or find an alternative bra that flatters your body in a fuss-free way and doesn’t play peek-a-boo. Sangeet functions are full of naach gaana and you don’t want to be stuck fixing your innerwear every few minutes.

choosing your sangeet outfit

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